Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Naughty Right Lung!!!

Well everything was going really well, i was walking Sophie and i was feeling lots better until Lung function day.  I swear lung function day is becoming a jinx to me, i spend all week at home feeling fine, waking up and feeling good, not coughing n splutering everywhere, then lung function day arrives and i wake up i feel like a bag of crap and i'm coughing, out of breath and filling a pot with sputum and that before i get to the hospital.  So there i was hoping for good results, i got to the hospital and decided to see if i could walk up the stairs, normally i'm a lazy bugger n use the lift and come down the stairs.  The hospital stank of rank hospital food, so when i got to top of the stairs i was out of breath and the smell of food nearly made me sick!! Nice!! Next Joey just use the lift x

I got to room to do my lung function, sat down and straight away the physio went and got me some water, while she was gone i had a grabbed the pot on the side and started to fill it, not normally like me at all!! To my delight streaks of blood, but as it wasn't a big bleed I was still allowed to do my lung function.  Which was quite hard work considering everytime i started to blow i wanted to cough n clear the crap! Worst thing about it is I could feel exactly where it was coming from - my RIGHT side just under my booby!! :) This was a bad patch for me last year that caused me alot of problems and I had about 5 IV courses before it actually dampened down in December, it's been quiet since then till now!!

It's strange I never had a bad patch that I could actually feel before, its not like pain, it's just strange, when i cough and clear the crap i can feel where it's coming from and when I have bleeds this is always where it's from, 90% of the time i've always know where my bleeds came from but now with this side I feel the vessel pop n know i'm bleeding before I even get the gurgles.

So friday started to worry me abit, I was hoping for a lung function in the 40's, 41 is my target number, I only managed 38 which to be fair actually wasn't too bad it was a flook blow after clearing all the crap the other 2 blows weren't that good.  It turned out to be a good physio session, in fact i did comment to the physio if possible could I stay for an hour, just do a blow every 5-10 mins and clear all this cuz doing my lung function has always been brilliant for me, but just the usual physio response, i'd like you to go home and do your nebs and acapella please! Well i do have a busy life, that wasn't on my agenda for the afternoon!! :)

What was on the agenda was picking my mum up from hospital, she was being discharged and now has all clear fingers crossed from her kidney stone problems after her operation on wednesday last week.  So thats something hopefully I won't need to worry about anymore.

I wasn't too bad over the weekend, my friend Gemma dyed my hair for me, i no longer have grey roots, lol and we went and did a little shopping then made rice krispie cakes.  They were yummy, so yummy that on sunday i was going round to my mum and dad's to watch the Stoke match, i asked my dad to get me some rice krispies and chocolate so i could make more before the game started.

I used to help my mum and my nan bake loads when i was a kid, i used to love it, especially licking the bowl from the chocolate cake mix and butter icing.  Yum Yum!! xx

So when I got there, I ate my Sunday dinner and then started baking, i wanted to make some rice krispie cakes for Steve too to bring home and then mum said why don't you make flapjack there are some oats and syrup in the cupboard.  So seemed like a plan.  I had to make sure my mum took photos of me though cuz Steve so wouldn;t believe i made them myself. lol.

Then I watched the Stoke Match, The Semi Final against Bolton, I was hopeful at  the beginning but kinda thought we were gonna loose to be honest, we not beaten Bolton for a while, but when the first goal went in, then second and third in the first half it was brilliant.  I think me, my bro and my dad gave my grandma and grandad a heart attack everytime the ball went in the back of the net.  I would of loved to be at Wembley but I have been years ago when we were in the Auto Windscreen.  It was brilliant game and to win 5-0 was amazing.  Come on Stoke i hope we beat Man City in the final.

After the game I was just sat quietly eating a sandwich then my right lung started again, this time a Bleed, my nan ran into the kitchen and got me the kitchen roll.  I was pretty calm, knew it was coming but didnt want to move myself, I felt bad cause they were all sat eating and i was sat coughing up blood into a kitchen roll, but I'm so used to them now, i sit and I control it, I cough when i want to cough and clear it, when I feel it ready,  although it horrible to have a bleed, this bleed was being kind to me letting me control it, if i can control a bleed then i feel safe and comfortable with it, it's when I can't control it and have to go to toilet with it that i worry.  But it was controlled, i cleared what i needed to then drank a glass of coke and carried on eating my sandwich.  It had come from that naughty light bad patch on my right lung.  When i got home i started myself on the transamic acid i have in cupboard.

I have had a lot of bleeds though, all very random, it's stupid, quite often my bleeds come in the middle of the night and i lie there thinking well i must of ran a marathon in my dreams or something, cuz i've been still for 8 hours.  Then other times i've had them in the middle of a night out, so inconvient, my friend will be worried cuz i always tell someone i'm having a bleed before i dash to the toilets, quite often my friend Ames would be the one with me, as soon as i'd clear it she's ask if i was ok and i'd be like yes, i'm fine, BAR now!! I normally needed a drink to swill my mouth out and i'd normally have a vodka and coke, for some reason i crave coke after a bleed.  Bleeds to me are quite normal, when i know i'm ill I do something about it, but when i'm well i know its probably just random bit of mucus that has been stuck to vessel wall that has moved and the tiny little vessel has bleed.  How i think of it is its just like a scab you get on your knee of something, if you catch it or rub it it bleeds and thats what happens in my lungs. I think thinking like that helps me not to get so scared by them because when i was about 10 the girl who i had looked up to and was like a big sister to me Donna Hackney died and she died from a huge bleed.  So as much as I play them down as being part of my life i know they can be serious, but i have to stay calm to stay in control so that i can keep living my life.  xxx

So with my naughty little right lung miss behaving, i rang the hospital yesterday morning to ask for another week of iv's, to up my steroids and told them i had had a bleed and had started the transamic acid.  He consultant said fine, but he just would like to see me at 4.15 at end of clinc to check on me! Which was fine, i was working till 4 and then i'd be going up hospital to get my drugs and everything anyway.

So thats me, another week of IV's!! xx Fun Fun Fun xx

Hopefully my right lung will start behaving now!!

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