Tuesday, 31 May 2011

needs to get focused and make it Public!!

I've been given a contact to get the Skydive into the local newspaper, problem is I don't know how to write a press release!! Any ideas are welcome!! I mean anyone who reads my blog knows i tend to waffle alot! N i don't wanna come accross waffling! I thought you just contacted the sentinel and they sent a reporter out to do story on ya!! But seems best and easiest way is to send a Press Release!! Hhmmm!! I don't really use my twitter account, but i've put it out on there tonight using the little @ at Signal Radio and The Sentinel!! xx I also gonna send an email to the contact i've been given and ask for her advise i think!!

To me it's all about raising the awareness of Breath of Life Charity, I don't just want a little paragraph, i'd really like them to do a proper story!! I mean i've got 19 people all lined up for 2nd July and another two for 31st July xx I still have people emailing me all the time saying they are interested so i'm thinking of trying to organise something else for a later date for them, with 5 weeks to go it's a little late to get involved and raise the money!!

So who have I got doing my skydive: Well there's:

Steve my husband, and Giles his wife has CF too! Then i've got two of my girls Nicola and Jodie who both have CF jumping also Jodie's sister, along with friends who i haven't spoke to since school/college days, Lynn, Charley and Rach and a few of Rach's friends Ash and Danni who is only 16 and then two of her friends Matt and Kev aswell.  Then we have 4 physio's from the hospital, Rosie who is the CF physio and then there's Helen, Sonya and Greg.  As well my lovely friends Mel from Monsoon and my best friend Steph who is a midwife.  Then Steve's Auntie Edie and cousin Neil will be to doing it on 31st July.

So i've got a great group of dedicated people who are trying there best to raise money for their sponsorship!! You can check them all out on my team page at BREATH OF LIFE TEAM PAGE!!!

What i now need to do is make sure people know about it!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Little Miss Needs to Win the Lottery

Well i haven't written for nearly a month, i'd like to say my life been manic and i've not had time but i prob have had time i've just chosen to do other things whilst been sat at laptop on my days off or evenings! I think we could actually blame Grey's Anatomy Season 6 as i'm completely hooked! I love it and when i do sit down and watch it, i can't just watch one episode i have to watch 2.  So its never just a quick 40 mins its always at least n hour n half! I'm nearly finished n on Season 7 though which is recording each week on my sky box!

My health isn't too bad, i'm now 4/5 weeks off my IV's and not needed any orals which is pretty good for me, i normally have a tired weekend then end up on them cuz feel so crappy, but lately when my chest has its crappy days i just get neb out and clear all the crap and i'm lots better, just need try get enough sleep so i can get out of bed in mornings and do my nebs before work cuz ive struggled this last week to get up! Been pretty damn lazy today but i needed the rest!

Fundraising wise, i now have 19 people signed up for 2nd july and 2 others for end of July cuz they cudn't do the 2nd and i think thats my lot, its now 5 weeks away so everyone needs to give the sponsoring a big push, i have still been getting people who are interested though, few of nurses off the kids wards are interested so i thought about arranging another date for round september for them to do it!!  I'm doing really well raising money for Steve up to nearly £700 so i need to give it big push myself now and track down the people who haven't sponsored him yet and get there money!! lol

So i really need to win the lottery, even a 10er would help right now!!! I have so much going on its almost ridiculous n everything seems to cost me loads of money!! I know i'm gonna enjoy everything i'm doing and i'm gonna bore you all with like a million photographs of everything i'm getting up to over the next few months so i guess spending all this money is gonna be worth it!! It's just i'm the kinda of girl that prefers to have money in my savings and right now i'm spending all more savings and my wages are spent before i even get them and thats till at least October!! I have lots of exciting things going on though!!

So the next few months I'm off to:

  • London on 9th and 10th with my Bro, Mum n Dad for our birthday treat from mum and dad. Me and my bro are gonna go Madam Tussauds and Thorpe Park! So excited, I've been Towers so many times i don't get nervous on the rides, but i've checked out some of the videos for Thorpe Park and i think i actually might poop my pants!! 
  • Then on 18th June its Liverpool for a night out with the Monsoon Girlies for Jess and Sammie's birthday were dressing up as cave woman! i've ordered myself a lil dress off Ebay and then little miss poker straight hair is gonna have to back comb my hair or something crazy! So god help what i'll look like!! lol
  • Then the 24th is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary, i'm not really big on celebrating anniversaries, but it is my Birthday day after so i'm hoping to have a BBQ like i did last year for all my friends to celebrate!! 
  • It won't be too late though cuz on the saturday 25th it's my Birthday and i've got my lovely friend Katy's Hen Do in my fave city of Chester, we're going to the Races, then to Chez Jules for meal and then for night out in Chester.  Not a bad way to spend my birthday me thinks although It's also my father in law 70th that day and i'm missing out on family party but i'm sure there will be others! x
  • Then it's my big charity weekend, 2nd July is my Breath of Life Skydive Weekend, when my 19 Skydivers will be jumping out of a Plane!! Exciting stuff!!
  • Then on the 6th July i'm off to Alton Towers with my lovely husband to see Black Eyed Peas.
  • Then the following weekend my mum and dad are having a fundraising Garden Party to raise money for Breath of Life!! 
  • Then on 16th July is Katy and Andrew's Wedding in Preston.
  • Think then i get a weekend or two off before Gem's Hen Do in Harrogate on the 30th July. 
  • Then just another few weeks off before i'm off to Turkey on the 11th August with Steve, Joe and Sarah for 10 days of sunbathing and lilo's!! 
  • Then its my friend Karen's Wedding in Newcastle Upon Tyne on September 3rd.
  • Finally on 24th September i'm off to Cyprus for a another week in the sun for Gemma and Gaz's Wedding!! 
Christ i wonder where the hell i'm gonna fit some iv's in, cuz u just know i'm gonna need them with all this going on, def need them sometime before holidays, so need to be good girl and rest and do my nebs lots and lots and i think i really need to start walking Soph again! xx 

I felt little crappy this morning but i stayed in bed watching TV till at least 2 and then did all my nebs and now i'm feeling a lot better, was at a Wedding yesterday so needed a little rest this morning! Hoping to make a little bit of money selling some stuff on Ebay over next few months xx i need to sort through all my bin bags of clothes i have in spare room and work out whats sell-able and what's not! It won't make me no money sitting in bags causing me havoc as i trip over it them all time! 

So that's pretty much me, im a busy little bee and need to be good and get lots of rest and also need to cap the spending to afford all my big weekends, it's gonna be a wicked few months!! xx 


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Needs a bit of Motivation!!!

Well it's been a little while since i last updated my blog!! I finished my iv's a week ago, after needing a third week because of my naughty right lung! But it seemed to settle down and my lung function made it back up to my magic number of 41% so that's me happy just hope i can keep it there!!

So since i've been ill i was too tired to pretty much do anything, sorting the Skydive and getting my last few people to book up has been hard work to say the least, i really didn't want to turn into a nag! With some people thought thats just what i feel like!! As of the end of this week though i'm not chasing anymore, if people want to do it they can sort it themselves! I have 16 people booked up, 2 more who are possibly gonna do it on a different day and 2 more who i'm awaiting them to book!! That's the 20 people i wanted and i'm well happy with that!!

So now i'm starting to get my life back together and sorted i just need a little motivation really to kickstart me.  Can you believe that I actually went over 3 weeks without writing a single To Do List just not like me at all!! Even then i wrote one and didn't really carry much out on it!! But now i really need to start getting organised and find little miss joey chief organiser again!!

So i need to plan another Pub Crawl, i loved my night out with my pub crawl team and i wanna do it again, so need to get planning!! Thinking maybe for the bank holiday!! Friday night!! I'm also planning a bag pack at Sainsbury's with help of Sharon hopefully for in a few weeks time!! Also after talking to Sharon on the phone last night she gave me another few ideas!!

I've also been trying to organise my holidays and holiday shopping!! You can never start too early!! I've booked both my holidays over last few weeks! Off to Turkey with Steve, Sarah and Joe on the 11th August and then to Cyprus with Stephanie for Gemma and Gareth's Wedding at the end of September!! All together that 17 days in the sun, therefore i need lots of bikini's and holiday clothes!!  Today i got some lovely bargains, got lots of tops and stuff, to be honest i think i need slow down, but i had a voucher for 40% in peacocks and got £60 worth of clothes for £36, 4 boob tube tops, 2 tops which a cute like dress's on me, one skirt, one bikini and boob tube dress!! Bargain!! I just hope the other bikini i really want comess bk in the shop on their delivery tomorrow cuz my voucher runs out on the 8th!! Fingers crossed!!  After that i have to stop spending, i have holidays, weddings and hen do's to save for!!

I've started going on sunbeds now to help me feel better, nothing better than a good sunbed and nice tan to make me feel good, just need it to clear up my stupid cipro and ceftaz spots i get on upper chests, fast, cuz really don't like them!!

On the plus side i've also put 2kg, no idea how! i've honestly been living on a tesco strawberry moose n two biscuits for breakfast with a cuppa!! So it must be the fact i've been doing my feed every night, but even so i've only been having 500 ml and i used to have 1000. so who knows, anyhow it's gone on way too fast, piled around my middle and i'm not too happy, i wish i could just do it slowly!! A little has gone on me boobs though so guess thats a bonus!! xx

Well all in all think this is a happy blog today, gonna move forward now and hopefully i'll stay well for a little while too!! x