"Little Miss Joey"

You may think you know me, maybe you do, i'm a pretty open person, what you see is what you get, i live my life day by day and to the full, you never know when it all gonna end so u have too! I may make mistakes but i learn from them, i love this phrase "wild women do and they don't regret it".  I'm not sure i'd call myself wild, but i do let that side out occasionally (normally fueled by alcohol but others may say thats my stubborn stroppy side, ha ha), but the main part of that phrase i love is the "don't regret it"! To me there is no reason to live life, do things and the regret them! I do something once, whether i do it again is definitely a different question, but i don't do regrets, it's just not worth the heartache.

Me, well talking about "ME" is definitely one of my favourite subjects, i'm not a big head or arrogant and i definitely don't have a big ego, i just like talking.  If your honest you probably like talking about yourself too.  I've lived one hell of a life so far, its not all been easy, but i come back every time fighting.  One thing i would say about me is never under estimate my inner strength i was born ready n fighting what i do best.  Although i would ask that you don't come punch me cause you would just knock me to the floor in one go n spoil my pretty face! lol x
I'm 4"11, yes i'm tiny, i'm 28 n look about 18, maybe 21 on a good day.  I have dark brown hair, but i'm naturally a blonde.  I've never going back blonde, i'd scare myself looking in the mirror. I think i'm pretty in my own little way but i do need make-up.  I hate being pale.  I love having a tan, i love sunbeds, how they make u feel and how they make u brown, obviously i'd prefer a holiday in the sun, but i hate having white bits, so sunbeds are way forward! Lately i've had a few spray tans, they're a quick fix for the pasty times i guess. I'm a sunbed girl for life! 

My one true love and i never ever thought i'd say this but it's my little doggie!! Sophie is her name, she's tiny like me.  A beagle crossed with a jack russell, fiesty little thing, she believes she's 10 men, she's very territorial and protective of me.  
When you meet her she'll bark at you for 10 minutes then lick your ears, she loves to be played with and likes a lot of attention, but she gives the best cuddles.  I never thought i would be saying this about a dog, i was petrified of them till we had her, but she's amazing really is a girl's best friend, i couldn't love her more if i tried. She's just adorable.  

I love shopping, i don't understand people who don't love to shop.  All though i do admit i don't need all the things i buy, but i do like them.  I love clothes n jewellery and working part time in Monsoon brings my too passions together and not only pays my wages also sucks them dry.  We have to wear all monsoon clothes for work as well as three accessories from accessorize, so with every outfit u have to accessorize, so it's lucky i get good discount.  

Although out of work i'm a new look girl, cheap to buy, cheerful to wear.  I'm the only person who needs to worry about how much they cost and what i like to wear.  I tend to dress from inside out apparently so does Victoria Beckham, i like my underwear to match and for them to be sort of matching my outfits too.  

My only problem is shoes, i have the littlest feet, shoe shopping is a nightmare! Someone said to me the other day, wow bet when you find shoes you buy two pairs and keep one in cupboard for when the other gets ruined, i wish someone had said that to me, 12 years ago, what a great idea that would of been.  
Cinderella ain't going to this Ball!! lol 
I buy a lot of my clothes from kids sections, means my friends ain't wearing them, but gets a little embarrassing when u see a kid wearing it too! Luckily for me kids r getting god damn fashionable so i can embrace the clothes when most mothers would probably be out raged by there 10-12 years old wearing it.  I know if i was a mum i would be! ha ha!

I love drinking Tea, (Tetly) it's first thing i think about when i wake up in the morning, its the one thing i crave after a long day and if you know i'm coming round you should know me well enough to know to get that kettle boiling.  Quite strong, little semi skimmed milk and a quarter (sprinkle of sugar) and yes it is worth having and i can taste it!

My favourite programme on TV is Home and Away, stop groaning, watch it (hot men), its definitely the best soap and seriously if i'm watching home and away then don't disturb me, i'll be sat with a cuppa and that's my favourite time of the day. (sad i know, but honestly i don't care) I tend to dip in n out of the others soaps, i can live without them, but normally find i can watch them just once a week n still know everything that is going on.

I do like watching a good film, normally a chick flick, my fave's are Cruel Intentions, Miss Congeniality, 10 things I Hate About You, How To Loose A Guy in 10 days, Top Gun and Fast and the Furious, but i'll pretty much watch any films as long as they ain't army.  Although saying that i do love playing COD, i'm not very good n die alot but i enjoy it, n i love the zombies game, i think there's where u see my dark side come out, i really enjoy stabbing them to death!! ha ha!  

I love watching a series, my sky box is always series linked up to something, normally nearly full to be honest.  I love all the usuals Friends, Scrubs etc some of the new ones like New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and Mike n Molly.  Then there's One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer (which i still can't believe have ended), CSI, Criminal Minds and you can't beat a good hospital drama Grey's anatomy is my favourite, i miss ER, George Clooney i swear was my first love and Noah Wyle a close second.  Pretty much anything American i watch, they just make more dramatic and exciting TV.  

One of my fave programmes ever is The Biggest Loser, i love watching the people there stories and seeing them at the final with their lives changed dramatically for the better, i think they are actually really inspiring, if i was a big girl would definitely make me get off my ass and do something about my size! As it happens though i can sit watching it with chocolate, bacon butties and even high calorie milkshakes and still don't put any weight on!  But believe me it's not as good as it sounds.

I watch a lot of TV, i hate silence at night time so i tend to fall asleep with it on and wake in the middle of the night to turn it off.  I'm also a bit of a reality tv fan, X Factor, Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity are the best, i'm not a Towie fan, i find it irritating, but have recently watch Geordie shore and kinda like that one.   

I'm not very cultured, i don't watch the news and don't read newspapers, they're so depressing, so unless you tell me there's been a tornado or earthquake, i probably don't know.  i do however in the mornings watch "The Wright Stuff" Mathew Wright keeps me updated on the daily quibbles of the world, so as far as i'm concerned if Mathew ain't talking about it its not important.  I hate "Jeremy Kyle" so don't even mention that show to me, i think it's biggest load of rubbish on tv so fake and annoying.  

Sometimes im quiet, thats when i'm thinking, sometimes a little too much!  I love driving, its where i do my best thinking, just me, the open road and my tunes on very loud.  I love my car, she's blue, called "Maddy" although i'm probably the mad one driving, its a Mazda 3, best car i've ever had, so easy to drive. I prefer to drive anywhere n everywhere, i don't really understand people who take the train, i'd rather drive any day.  It doesn't bother me if i'm driving on my own long distances either providing i'm not stuck in traffic, i just like to drive and get to where i'm going, passengers normally means service stops and i hate stopping.  I can't sing for shit but i love singing in my car, just me n the girls, whitney, britney, christina, mariah, kylie and well then i need a bit of lionel!! ha ha!!! I don't have the best or most up to date music, i listen to songs all time but i don't necessarily knows who sings them!  So if you ask me if i know of a song, i've probably heard it i just don't know it.   

I rely heavily on Facebook been part of my life, i'm not ashamed to admit it, but i've met some amazing people through it who have become some of my best friends and i wouldn't change that for the world.  It opened up a new world and if you have facebook there's always someone around to chat touch with people, but i do still believe if you wanna know something about me, text or ring me, ask me yourself, don't wait for my facebook page to update you. 

I hate the "LIKE" button i think its worst invention on facebook, its stopped people communicating, everyone just likes everything.  I also get really annoyed with people and their repetitive status, same thing over n over, some people are so predictable, others who just purely use the status's to attention seek.  If i ever put something sounding needy on my status, you know i really need a friend cause i don't do it very often.  

Me and people who are "fake" don't mix. let me in and let me see the real you or don't let me in at all.  If you know me or get to know me there's only one side you'll see and it's true and honest and quite frankly i wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see.  I'd rather be the way that i am though than live a life not been true to myself! So love me or hate me for the way i am, if i'm not the right person to be in your life then i'll understand.

My world isn't about all me, its about the people around me who make me! I love my friends my family and i will always make sure the people i love know i'm here for them, because its having them in my life that keep me strong and safe and in a word sane in this mixed up world we live in and i need them all, for very different reasons.  If i let you in, your pretty lucky, n if ur good i'll keep u there for life.

I grew up in a really close family, we always have each others back! My brother he's my true best friend, i couldn't imagine life without him, we grew up really close and i'm so lucky to have the kinda friendship we have, love when we have our days out sheffield shopping or to Thorpe park.  My mum and dad are brilliant, they'd drive to the end of the earth for me and do anything to keep me happy and safe.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.

My friends are amazing. I have the most amazing true friends and they know who they are, i love natural friendships, not something you have to work at too much, friends that are always there for you, no matter what, people you can turn to when your happy or sad, people you can chill with and people you can party with.  People you can talk to every single day and people you can talk to once every few months and still the friendship doesn't change, you still love them, repect them and are there for them.  I'm lucky to have lots of different friendship groups all full of amazing people and people i love so much.  They know me and i know them and i'll always be a true and honest friend to the people i care about.

I love going out with my friends, pub, tea, cinema or night out on the town, if i'm well i'm there, i love getting ready for night out, putting on my little outfits and feeling good about myself, being little miss match it! 

I used to bite my nails, now i have lovely nails and have them done every few weeks, i have quite weak nails so i have gel overlay over my natural nails to keep them strong.  Then normally a blue or turquoise pattern.  I wouldn't say i'm a girly girl but i like to be pampered so having my toes, eyebrows, eye lashes etc definitely cheers me up!

My fave colour is blue, that's normally why my nails are blue to match my outfits, but if i'm going on a night out and its anything different i tend to have my nails changed to match or i match my outfit to my nails.  Well u already knew i was little miss match it.  I love my pj's, i have way to many pairs but they are the most comfy clothes, best days are days when u don't need to leave the house, pjs all day, snuggled up watching TV! Although i'm not very good at staying in, i like to be out n about doing stuff.

I love being little miss organiser, i love arranging things for me n my friends to do, even if it just pub for a glass of wine, night in with chinese n x-factor or just catching up with a natter n a cuppa. 

Buying people presents is one of my favourite things, i love birthdays, going shopping and picking out gifts for people, then seeing there faces when they open them.  One of the best times of year for me is before Christmas, I love Christmas shopping, going out and buying people presents, i'm not the kinda girl that goes to Boots and gets 3 for 2's, i really think about presents i buy for people, what they like and what they are into and what i know people love.  I get more excited about the Christmas shopping that actually Christmas day itself.  I normally end up organising the presents for the rest of my family too, they call me the Christmas fairy and i love it.  

People say i'm really hard to buy for, i don't personally think so, you can't go wrong buying me pj's, jewellery  handbags or vouchers and i love giraffes, they my favourite animal.  Little ironic considering they so tall and i'm so tiny, but i just think they so beautiful n elegant and well i just love them.

I don't really do cooking, not the biggest fan, i can cook, i just choose not too really, my fave meal is definately a good steak, but thing i eat the most of is bacon, its quick n simple to cook and you can have it with anything, make it in to a meal or just a little snack.

The best thing i've ever done in my life is my Skydive in May 2012, words can't describe that feeling of free-falling but i loved every second of it. Read my Skydive Blog

I think that's pretty much me. Love me and Live with me!