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What started off as a terrible week, ended on a High thanks to my very special cousin Leanne!!!

Well I have finally found the time to sit down and write about my week!! I hope you're sat down with a cuppa because it's been a long week, full of lots of up's and downs!! Today i'm knacked, you'll understand why!!

So Friday evening my poor mummy had to go to A&E, after 8 longs hours, we finally had an answer to what was causing the terrible pain she was in, it was a kidney stone, one that had gone on a little adventure and left the kidney and was stuck in the tube.  Painkillers slowly slowly started to dull the pain for my mum and she was able to get some rest, the 8 hours of pain for me and my dad though was dulled, it was just made worse with worry.  At 1am she was admitted and we were finally able to leave her knowing she was in safe hands and had a bed for the night, not just a trolley in a corridor.  The next day we were back up the hospital visiting and my mum had started to have temperatures, i was quite impressed with how fast the urology registrar acted, the temperatures ment though my mum had kidney infection now and they needed to put in a drain.  Which they did very fast that evening and moved her to the urology ward where she has been all week.  Waiting for the infection to clear and hoping the stone might pass, but no such luck yet so tomorrow (monday) they plan to put in a stent.  

So not only have I spent the week visiting my mum everyday, I've been visiting Aaron a few times (it was his Birthday) and nipping up there for lung function etc myself.  It always seems to be that when anyone in my family is in hospital, me n my little lungs need attention too, my lung function not too good, so i'm hoping upping my Steroids and Cipro will sort me out, but if i want that too work, i need rest for the next few days.  

This Photo is from my wedding of me and Aaron xx
Sometimes I hate CF, but it's not a healthy was too live, when I saw Aaron on his Birthday last Sat i was quite upset, he'd only a few days before had his operation for his kidney stone to be removed and was feeling pretty rough, broke my heart that whilst me and his lovely girlfriend Cara (who i normally refer to as Zippy because apparently she's really chatty, but goes very shy n quiet when i'm around) were visiting him he hardly had the energy to open his pressies.  For his tea, the strange boy just fancied some McDonalds Bacon on a Bun!! We all know they don't do bacon burgers.  Luckily it's not what you know in this life it's who!! His cousin wasn't working in Mcdonalds that day, but there were people there who knew of Aaron. So with the help of two cute girls (Me n Cara) a tiny little sob story and a little note from Aaron.  We returned back to the hospital with a FREE Bacon Bun and Coke for the Birthday Boy.  

When i saw Aaron on Tuesday though after a rough weekend he looked a lot better, so this time i took him to Mcdonalds with me to get him out of hospital for an hour, i ended up dropping him off at the local car garage for him to go test drive a new car too, but i couldn't wait around for him as i had a meeting so i had to ask the lady at the car place if she could take him back to the hospital afterwards.  It was only few mins up the road so after I played the CF card she soon obliged.

So yes, i went to a Meeting, me and Emily my Breath of Life (change the world) partner in Crime were going to the Breath of Life Commitee meeting, to meet everyone and to tell them all about our ideas.  Not to be big headed, but they loved us, fresh blood, young blood and were so pleased how both of us wanted to get involved.  We stayed for the whole meeting it was really lovely to learn all about the charity and how it works and what's going on, other than the parts that i've been planning.  My skydive this week has had 3 more people interested, which is great and 4 of my other interested people have signed up.  So it's all going good.  My pub crawl plans are on hold right now, too much stress going on, but i'm off work next week and plan to get it all sorted out and ready for Friday night.

This week so happened to be my busiest week in a long time and it doesn't stop there, sadly on the sunday morning Steve's nan passed away.  She had been poorly for about 12 months with Cancer which we knew wasn't going to get better but she sadly had a stroke at the weekend.  The funeral is on Tuesday, so it will be good to get together with his family to give her a lovely send off.  

These photos were taken Christmas 2006!! :)

Wednesday was a relatively simple day, i went to work and to visit my mum in hospital and also planned my thursday night!! My lovely cousin came to town in her tour of the play THE NAKED TRUTH!! Which if you haven't seen you should so go and see, its brilliant and so funny.  

It stars, my cousin Leanne Jones, Michelle Heaton, Claire King, Julie Buckfield and Maurine Nolan.  I went to see it in October with my family, not the easiest thing to watch when sat next to my grandma, but she laughed her head off, even when Leanne was been naughty little lee lee saying lots of rude things.

I'm very proud of my cousin, she was the star of Hairspray and played Tracey for a few years on the West End and won an Olivier Award.  I went to see Hairspray 3 or 4 times down in London, i think if i'd of been closer i'd of been there all the time.  I love watching her on stage and Hairspray was an amazing musical.  Now she is touring till June in Naked Truth, playing a witty and funny character called Bev.  Not the girl i grew up with that's for sure.  So Thursday night me and my brother went with my CF friends, Emma and Aaron, i took them for there Birthday Treats.

The show was brilliant, even more funny than i had remembered, in the second half, we moved to 4 empty seats on the very front row.  Which was for my brother in scenes a little too close for comfort, when my Leanne's bum was in his face, but there was no complaining when Michelle Heaton was doing a sexy pole dance.

Me, Emma and Aaron with Michelle Heaton
We all had a great night and after the show we met a few of the cast and got some photos and went for a drink with Leanne.  Which was lovely.

Me and Em with Claire King 
Friday, i rushed around like a mad little hatter, visited my mum, went to pharmacy, delivered information packs to my newly interested skydivers and visited my Auntie Vera to give her her Birthday present, its been a week full of birthdays for me, with Aaron, Emma, my Auntie and Leanne's too.  Which was perfect timing for her tour coming to Stoke.  On the thursday night Leanne had asked me and my brother Andy if we wanted to join her and the cast for her Birthday drinks on Friday night in Revolution after the show.  Of course we said yes, who gonna say no to hanging with a few stars xx

So we met Leanne at the Stage Door of the Regent Theatre at 10pm and went off to Revolution, Michelle Heaton had reserved the table and was the cast already there.  It was so lovely and relaxed, inside I was like a little 5 year old at Christmas and I think if my brother was honest too, so was he!! but we contained how excitement and had a wicked night having shots and pitchers and loving spending some time with Leanne too.

Here's a few photos xxx

Leanne, Me and My Brother Andy
Group Photo xx :)
I'd been a bit worried before the night, obviously i wanted to act cool, but i also wanted to take photos, not every night u get to go for Birthday drinks with your cousin and her famous friends xx :) x I'm the kinda girl who always has my camera and likes to take lots of photos, i'm definitely my daddy's daughter!! xx  But luckily for me Leanne didn't have her Camera and just like the last night in Hairspray at the aftershow party she hired me as her photographer and told everyone to pose lots for my camera!! :) xx

Even managed a couple of what i like to call "Joey Specials" xx 

And my Brother even got the snap that her was after all night xxx Well i don't suppose you can blame him!!

So that was my night, think the photos show we had a brilliant time and everyone was so lovely to us.  

I have actually met Michelle Heaton once before at the Caudwell Ball about 4 years ago, i was a volunteer and was lucky enough to be invited down to London to help with the Ball.  Tina Turner made her first come back that night, it was a shame I wasn't allowed to walk around with my camera that night because I saw lots of stars then.  I actually took Michelle and her now Ex-husband to get there bags at the end of the night and she was walking with me complaining how Andy was more of a woman, could never get him out of anywhere because he just kept talking to people.  :) x See it's not just us woman who like a good natter!!

So saturday i thought i had planned a morning in bed catching up with TV, the soaps and i love watching the Biggest Loser USA on a Saturday morning.  However one of the girls, Mandy from the naked truth was in the Potteries Centre Clothes Show and i knew they would be wearing Monsoon Clothes as I kinda helped Mandy and Emma pick a few items out for the show!! So i decided to go down and watch.  The night before i had told Mandy to pick out the Jump Suit if she got to chose cuz she looked so good.  It was also another to chance to hang out with Leanne and family and a few stars.  The clothes show was quite good really, i got my camera out and took some photos of the Mandy and the others wearing the Monsoon outfits.  Which my boss Tracey wants me to get developed now.

I then met my lovely friends Steph and Gem and we went into Monsoon so i could but a new maxi dress for uniform, but they ended up in changing rooms too trying things on and then at the tills took advantage of my lovely discount. :) x

Then in evening I took Gem, Steph and my friend Emma from Monsoon to see Naked Truth, you know i think i could of watched it every night this week and still not got bored of it, i laughed all the way through xx

I also made them have photos, i'm a little sad, just because i'm so proud of Leanne.  I still well up at the end of the shows, i'm very loud and give a lot of woo hoo's!!! Even shouting "Love you leanne" at top of my voice.  Which i didn't have to shout to loud this time because we sat on front row all the way though the show this time!! But all the cast looked and smiled at me this time when i screamed it at the top of my voice!! hee hee xx 

So after the show, I met Leanne at the stage door and then dropped my friends off at home and gave Leanne a lift to a party, it was a family friend and it was his 30th, but I also went to school with his sister, so i decided to go in with her, my Uncle and Mags were there too.  It was lovely to see Ashley as i've probably not seen her for at least 8 years.  It was lovely to meet her little baby too, Esme and she's so cute xxx

So that was my Saturday night.  What started off as a week i truely would of loved to forget turned out to be a week to remember thanks to my very special cousin Leanne Jones.  Thank you for treating me, making me laugh in ur show and letting me share it all with my friends.  Thank you for making me smile this week.  

I love you lots Leanne xxx Although you probably won't love me lots for this last photo xx But i like it xx :)

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