Sunday, 3 April 2011

Here's to a Brilliant Night and many more pub crawls!!!

So the day of my Pub Crawl came, to say i was nervous was an understatement, i felt pretty sick to be honest.  I had arranged it all with the pubs, about 8/9 new i was coming and i had my 5 best friends all lined up and ready although they were feeling pretty nervous too!!

I'd never arranged anything like this before so I was really nervous it was gonna be a failure and i'd come home with a bucket full of pennies equalling about £10.  But hey my moto of the night i borrowed from Tesco "Every Little Helps".

I had asked my friends to dress kinda like Gangsters, but as there was only a few of us I hadn't really thought too much about the outfit, i'd just said shirt, tie and black skirt or trousers!! I had bought myself a black shirt and purple tie, purple was for Breath of Life.  I'm kinda big headed but i like to think it looked pretty good.  Except my shirt had come untucked in this piccie!! lol

When we got to our first pub the Weathervane in Meir Park we were all so nervous, I so a glass of rose was needed!! We piled the tubs in a corner and told the people behind the bar that we were here to do collection as planned but we all needed a drink for dutch courage to start with!! lol

Steph started talking to a few people at the bar and before i knew it i was giving people information for the Skydive i was arranging!! Which was great.  Two lads even helped start us off with the collecting by going round with the buckets,Then my two girls Ula and Steph started going round too, they did great job and it gave me the confidence to join in!!

Steph, Ula and Me
Emma and Me
Me and Ames
Then i bumped into a lad called Dan who i had met only a couple of times, he was married to my childhood friend Larah who I hadn't really seen since we left college.  He was with his friend Mike who i found out was going to marry Liz who was also my childhood friend.  We had a great laugh with them, as i made the mistake of saying to Dan when he was off to the Loo or something, when you come back Dan I want you to "Fill my Bucket" (Sorry Larah) not my best line, but hey it worked!! When we were about to move on to the next pub, which was only round the corner, the came along too, on the condition they helped us out by getting money from the ladies!! hee hee xx

So the next pub was the Potters Bar on Meir Park, here I had my confidence and went round with Ula!! She was great and had a whole little speech going about raising money for Breath of Life to help people with breathing difficulties like her friend Joey (me) who has Cystic Fibrosis to help buy them equipment for hospital and keep them looking well so they can arrange amazing night like this and look so healthy!! which was so lovely!! She was really good!!

Me and Gem
Next we were off to Windmill at Meir Heath!! Every pub i went to i seemed to meet people i went to school with which was great, helped to get more money in the bucket from there friends.  We were doing so well though it was so good.  The boys were doing great and Steph was in charge of one of the girls buckets and Ula the other, they were both great at talking to people and telling them about it.  I managed to get a 10er off one guy who said my husband was a very lucky guy and he would of loved to take me out!! Personally what I  loved about him was his money for the charity!! I have my man!! :) xxx

So then it was off to the Lightwood Tavern, the time was getting away from us, we were having a great night and everyone was so kind and generous and they didnt just chuck money in and want us to get lost people were really interested in knowing what the charity was about and what we were up too!!

Last stop was the Florence, it was 10.45 by time we got there and the puub was quiet, but a Gem knew a guy who she used to work and he was on a work night out with crew from Tesco Mobile Longton!! They were all really generous!! Breath of Life are gonna be at Longton Tesco Collecting on 6th and 7th of April so if you pop in to do your shopping peeps making sure u put some money in the collection boxes!!

So the Florence was our last stop!! We had a great night, Liz came to pick Mike up and i hadn't seen her for years, Mike is now gonna do the Skydive too so that's great.

So after giving everyone a lift home, Ula decided to kip on my sofa we came home, ate pizza and sat up till half 2 counting the money, we were two excited to sleep!!

We raised ...........


Thanks to all the pubs who let us do the collections and for everyone in the pubs for there very kind donations.

I wanna thank my girls and my boys for an amazing night and for helping me raise money for Breath of Life!! Your all stars and i love you all!!! Next time and I definitely think there will be a next time we're all gonna were Black Shirts, Purple Ties, and Black Skirts (even my newly recruited boys) lol!!!

Love you all xxx


  1. Well Done Sweetie!! x X x Can't wait our next night like this! We will raise even more! :D Love you lots!!! xXXXx
    Ula x x

  2. Thanks chicken, u were my little star!!! love you xx