Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mission to get Lung Function UP and keep it UP!! With the help of my Puppy xxx

Last week was a bit of a wake up call for me really, it's not that i've really neglected myself it's just so many things were going on in my life that mentally and emotionally i didn't actually have time to rest!! Thats why after only finishing IV's 4 weeks ago, i ended up back on them again a week ago!!

The IV's 4 weeks ago I booked in and I was feeling well when I had them, my lung function was 41 when I started, I had booked them in because i knew I was going to have a big weekend with my dad's birthday and also because I wasn't too well in January so I figured book them in for middle of Feb would be good.  I've done this before, I book them in because it means you get to have them mixed with pharmacy.  Mixing IV's can be hard work and it's alot of added pressure when you feel like a bag of shit and you've got to start mixing the drugs, i rely alot on Steve to help me mix them! He is brilliant though but it's hard on him, like last week he worked a few nights till 7 8 o'clock at night, came home, had tea and then had to help me mix my drugs.  He mixes the Ceftazadime, I hate that bit, he's really quick at it now, years of practice, i do the rest, tobi and heparin but it is a lot to put on him sometimes.  Sunday night was last night we needed to mix my drugs and Steve made the most of my friend Sarah being round, she is training to be a midwife and like Emma from work loves doing my drugs.  Steve however said that she could mix the Ceft for him.  Sarah ended up mixing all my drugs, with me telling her what to do, she loved it!

Maybe next time i'm on iv's i just need to invite a different friend round each night because i am quite lucky that they are all interested in my CF and get excited about mixing and giving my IV's.

So my mission, Saturday i actually thought i was having an adrenaline day, expecting to feel like shit on the Sunday i decided to make the most of it.  I got up and cleaned the kitchen, then had a little rest while my tobramycin went through, which now take half an hour on silly pump!!

Then after than i got another sudden burst of energy and went and cleaned the bathroom, why cleaning the bathroom is such a bloody work out i don't know!! Cleaning round the bath don't half wear ya out!! Then i did my nebs and had a shower! I was then waiting for Steve to come home so we could go to Tesco and Homebase and he was taking me out for tea!! :)

In a moment of pure madness i decided to take my little pup for a walk, it's something i'd been thinking of doing ever since the light nights started, it was such a lovely day saturday and i was feeling ok so i figured i give it ago, if i got tired i could always turn back or take a shorter route round the estate.  I don't particularly like walking and have tried walking Sophie before but not kept it up, like did it for a week and then it would rain or something and that's it.

But i did it, Steve actually got home whilst me and Sophie were out, he rang me worried, Jo i'm home and your gone, the dog's gone but you're car still here!! "That's because me and Soph are out for a walk" I said, to say Steve was shocked is an understatement.  Even his mate Joe didn't believe where I was.  I actually enjoyed it, enjoyed it that much that I took her twice on Saturday, i took her again when we got back from having an early tea at Frankie and Bennies. Yum Yum.

So it's now Tuesday and Soph has been walked everyday and i'm quite enjoying it xx Lets hope i can keep it up, If i can at least walk her 3 times a week i'll be proud of myself.  But for now i'm going for everyday cuz the sun is shining and its so much better than doing physio!! xx

Soph's having a nap right now, so it's Tobramycin and Lunch and Cuppa time for me, i've just turned the Wii on for the first time in probably over a year! Not to do exercise i wanna watch the bbc i player and that Candy Cabs programme, looks brilliant.  After that i'll get dressed, take Sophie for a walk and treat myself to a Sunbed.

So my mission is:

  • To be good girl with my IV's 
  • Do my nebs once a day
  • Walk little Sophie
  • Get a Tan

Then when i'm back to myself i think about getting back into my fundraising, i've got lots of ideas just need to get well first so I can start planning.

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