Thursday, 7 April 2011

CF got the better of me this week!!

I think it's clear to say although i had been on Cipro and higher steroids for the last two weeks my body was running on adrenaline or the drugs were just keeping me ticking over!! As soon as Saturday came my body felt physically exhausted, i was lucky my friend Ula had actually stayed over Friday night after the pub crawl cuz she spent the day making me lots of cups of tea, even bought me tea and biscuits in bed!! :) x

By Friday evening i felt like "The Tap" had been turned on!! My poor little lungs were filling with crap (sputum) and it was a struggle to do anything without coughing my lil head off!! Sunday wasn't much better, i managed a shower in the morning and made it round to my mum's for Sunday lunch, even my mum knew i was ill, she said she could tell last Wednesday from round my eyes!

It was when i was trying a dress on for my mum to shorten for me that i realised it was gonna be on iv's soon.  Just taking my top off and putting the dress on i felt out of breath.  Very frustrating.

Like a good little girl, knowing I was back at work Monday i decided to call first thing to try and arrange iv's to start over the next few days.  Monday my adreneline kicked in again, i had a horrible morning, getting ready to go to work but then once i actually got to work i felt ok, after work i wasn't as exhausted as I thought and in my house there was seriously no food so I rang Steve went and picked him up and we went food shopping.  I survived getting round Tesco and Steve had got Squash booked, he told me just to leave the shopping and he put it away when he got back but somehow I had energy to do that too!

Monday was a day of me so surviving on Adreneline like me sorting my life out ready for the IV's cause Tuesday morning I felt horrible, like really horrible.  Some of you reading this would prob say i over did things on Monday, your probably right but sometimes things in life just have to get done.  At 12 I was meeting my physio to do my lung function, getting out of bed n too the hospital was hard work, by the time i actually got to the ward i felt so ill, it was a question of if i needed IV's and I didnt need no doctor to come see me, I was having IV's.

My lung function was 32, and that was bit of a fluke blow, the other 2 were quite a bit lower.  Being anywhere below 35 scares me to be honest, 30 is a number that is way too low for me to cope with.  39 is me stable, 41 is good and 44 which was my best last year is me swinging from the roof tops.  So now i'm on my iv's i'm aiming high this time,  I'm gonna be a good girl and do my nebs each day and when im feeling bit better i'm gonna try taking my cute little puppy for little walks.  I'm still going to work, I only work 12 hours a week, so many people shout at me for going to work when i'm ill, but once i'm there i'm OK and if i'm not i got a good group of people around me to help me out.  I think yesterday a few of them were a little shocked when i walked in with tubes dangling off me and my tobramycin pump in my handbag.  I had just been for my levels and had the pump going through as I was driving to work.  I'm not the kind of girl to hide away from my CF so walking from my car through shopping centre with tube hanging from my arm to handbag really doesn't bother me!! My friend Emma was quite excited when I got to work, she loves doing my drugs so she sneaked in the back and flushed me off!! She thinks it's ace doing my drugs, i'm sure she wouldn't think the same if she was doing them 3x a day for 2 weeks, but its a nice little break.  I take my Ceftaz to work with me and do it at about 4ish and if she can she loves to do them for me!! "Nurse Emma" xx :) xx

Anyway talking of drugs and work that's where i need to be going now!! Just one last shift and i can rest till m
Monday and hopefully the drugs will have made me feel better by then too xxx


  1. Haha scott gets all excited and acts all professional when i ask for help with ivs or anything medical :) hope ur ivs kick in x love u xx

  2. Steve and I sit with two trays he does the ceft and i do the tobi and the heparin!! I think he past the times of getting excited, cause i hate doing the ceft so he has to do it every night!
    He brings me my drugs in morning before he goes to work and sets my feed up occasionally xx he's good too me really xx :) x