Monday, 14 March 2011

I think i'm ready to release Little Miss to the world!!

So I've not actually told anyone except Sophie about this Blog, i wanted it to be ready before i realised it for everyone to read, but i've kinda realised tonight that's not what a blog is all about!!

So here it is, this is Me so far and all my little miss personalities. I hope you'll follow it and i won't bore you too much with my little life!!

I'm off work this week and need to start planning my fundraising night! I want to organise a bar crawl in Stoke on Trent, raising money for Breath of Life CF Project.  I trying to get a group of friends and my monsoon girlies together, dressed up as gangsters, going round with charity buckets robbing all the punters of the money!! xx I been asking my friends to come up with suggestions for a slogan for the poster i need to design this week.  My friend Amy has come up with a couple of good ones "your money or ur life, give to Breath of Life" or "This is a Stick up so Cough up for Breath of Life"! xx Which i didn't quite understand at first, but apparently i need to go watch a few gangster movies.  I quite like it now i understand it, so my next job to design a cool poster and get calling the pubs up on my planned route to see if they will allow my gangsters to come rob there punters.  My friend Vicky Blood did one last year raising money for Donna Lousie, she said they had a great night so i'm hoping mine will be too, Vicky been helping me so fingers crossed.  

This week i also need to try and get the rest of my skydivers to book there places, I'm organising a Skydive on 2nd July and i'm trying to get 20 people to jump on the day.  Should be a great way to raise some money for the CF Project, so far 7 of my jumpers have booked there place!! I have a few more who i'm hunting down over the next few weeks to get them booked up and deposits paid.  My husband is doing it and i'm fundraising for him, i managed to get £70 yesterday from family and my dad's friends at his birthday.  I've given all my skydivers a target of £400 but i'll love to get about £600 for Steve, especially as i'm the organiser i've got an example to set, so please sponsor him if you have any spare money xx xx

Right well i'm off to bed now, need my energy for all this planning tomorrow!

Night!!! xxx

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