Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far, here's a little more!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has read my blog over the last few days and sent me a message.  I would love it if you could all follow my blog, saves me putting it all over facebook in a million different places to make sure you can all see it.  It's simple to follow just click the button on the top right hand side and it takes you through what you have to do, it would be lovely to get a good following.

So many of my lovely friends on Facebook keep "liking" my link, which is great but you actually have to click the link to read and follow my blog. Lol xx

Anyway enough of that, you know what to do now!!! xx

So now to what have i been up to since i released my blog to the world on Monday.  Well it's been full steam ahead with my fundraising ideas.  I have designed some coolish posters with the help of my friend Amy Baker who also has CF, she came up with two wicked slogans for my posters, going with the Gangster theme and thinking along the lines of the Breath of Life gangster mob coming to rob you of all your money.  Amy came up with two fantastic slogans for money.

"Your money or your Life, give to Breath of Life!" and "This is a Stick Up, So Cough Up and Give to the Breath of Life Gangsters".

I'm no computer genius so my posters are just designed on publisher, but i think they'll do the trick!!

After designing my lovely Posters I then sat and rang all the Pubs I plan on terrorising on the night.  I asked to speak to all the managers and had a brilliant response, they all said it would absolutely fine, just have a couple to call back or nip down and speak to.  So as soon as I have it all confirmed i'll let you know my planned route.  However it will be starting in Meir Park at the Weathervane Pub and going round the back route through Trentham towards Newcastle, hopefully finishing at the Cherry Tree.  To this i'm obviously relying heavily on my close friends so if anyone wants to join us please just let me know!!

If you read other areas of my blog you'll know i'm fundraising for a Cystic Fibrosis Project set up with Breath of Life which is a local Respiratory Charity in Staffordshire.  With all this fundraising I hope to raise awareness for the Charity, they do alot of work helping people with Respiratory conditions, not just CF.  Please check out there new website for more details and join their Facebook Page and Twitter, they need more followers, it so easy to do, just click the links in my page.  It's all about raising awareness.

Breath of Life are always looking for people to help raise money and the awareness of their charity, so if you wanna set your self a challenge this year then why not do it for Breath of Life.  I have a friend called Vicky who going to be doing the Great Salford Swin 2011, this involves a mile swim in Salford Quays between the docks.  Vicky is doing this challenge to raise money for Breath of Life.  I also have a few people who are going to the Potters Alf Marathon, even one of my friends with CF might be signing up for that, she's planning on dressing up, walking and taking her time, her mum even joked about taking a wheelbarrow, for if she gets tired and then they could dress as Bill and Ben.  I said if it was round an indoor shopping mall i'd be there in a second, i always manage to walk round and round one of them, but outside, with hills etc it would be a bit of a struggle for me!! but maybe that's my next fundraising idea.  An indoor shopping mile trek.  Christ i'm writing my new ideas in my blog, don't any of you go stealing that one!! It's mine!! lol xx Hmmmm, brain overload now!!  There's also my Skydive, if anyone fancies doing a Tandem Skydive on Saturday 2nd July, please contact me, for more details.  So anyway like I said if you've got an idea or want to join in, then be great if you could do something for Breath of Life.  It's a great little Charity.

If your unable to get involved, but would like to donate, you could sponsor my husband Steve on his Skydive through his JustGiving page.  Steve is going one step further and doing an Accelerated Freefall, this means he going to do a course and then will be landing himself, ie there's no person attached to him.

Today, along with a hospital visit for bloods, i've been for a meeting at Breath of Life, with Emily, Emily's uncle has CF and we're both set about changing the world, we want to try and get Breath of Life more well known and get more people involved in helping the charity out.  So i have myself a little partner in crime in my mission to change the world.

Think that's all for now!! Kind of a bit of Charity overload for you all to read today.  But that's what this blog is about, me, my CF and how I want to get really involved in Fundraising.


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