Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Needs a bit of Motivation!!!

Well it's been a little while since i last updated my blog!! I finished my iv's a week ago, after needing a third week because of my naughty right lung! But it seemed to settle down and my lung function made it back up to my magic number of 41% so that's me happy just hope i can keep it there!!

So since i've been ill i was too tired to pretty much do anything, sorting the Skydive and getting my last few people to book up has been hard work to say the least, i really didn't want to turn into a nag! With some people thought thats just what i feel like!! As of the end of this week though i'm not chasing anymore, if people want to do it they can sort it themselves! I have 16 people booked up, 2 more who are possibly gonna do it on a different day and 2 more who i'm awaiting them to book!! That's the 20 people i wanted and i'm well happy with that!!

So now i'm starting to get my life back together and sorted i just need a little motivation really to kickstart me.  Can you believe that I actually went over 3 weeks without writing a single To Do List just not like me at all!! Even then i wrote one and didn't really carry much out on it!! But now i really need to start getting organised and find little miss joey chief organiser again!!

So i need to plan another Pub Crawl, i loved my night out with my pub crawl team and i wanna do it again, so need to get planning!! Thinking maybe for the bank holiday!! Friday night!! I'm also planning a bag pack at Sainsbury's with help of Sharon hopefully for in a few weeks time!! Also after talking to Sharon on the phone last night she gave me another few ideas!!

I've also been trying to organise my holidays and holiday shopping!! You can never start too early!! I've booked both my holidays over last few weeks! Off to Turkey with Steve, Sarah and Joe on the 11th August and then to Cyprus with Stephanie for Gemma and Gareth's Wedding at the end of September!! All together that 17 days in the sun, therefore i need lots of bikini's and holiday clothes!!  Today i got some lovely bargains, got lots of tops and stuff, to be honest i think i need slow down, but i had a voucher for 40% in peacocks and got £60 worth of clothes for £36, 4 boob tube tops, 2 tops which a cute like dress's on me, one skirt, one bikini and boob tube dress!! Bargain!! I just hope the other bikini i really want comess bk in the shop on their delivery tomorrow cuz my voucher runs out on the 8th!! Fingers crossed!!  After that i have to stop spending, i have holidays, weddings and hen do's to save for!!

I've started going on sunbeds now to help me feel better, nothing better than a good sunbed and nice tan to make me feel good, just need it to clear up my stupid cipro and ceftaz spots i get on upper chests, fast, cuz really don't like them!!

On the plus side i've also put 2kg, no idea how! i've honestly been living on a tesco strawberry moose n two biscuits for breakfast with a cuppa!! So it must be the fact i've been doing my feed every night, but even so i've only been having 500 ml and i used to have 1000. so who knows, anyhow it's gone on way too fast, piled around my middle and i'm not too happy, i wish i could just do it slowly!! A little has gone on me boobs though so guess thats a bonus!! xx

Well all in all think this is a happy blog today, gonna move forward now and hopefully i'll stay well for a little while too!! x

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