Tuesday, 31 May 2011

needs to get focused and make it Public!!

I've been given a contact to get the Skydive into the local newspaper, problem is I don't know how to write a press release!! Any ideas are welcome!! I mean anyone who reads my blog knows i tend to waffle alot! N i don't wanna come accross waffling! I thought you just contacted the sentinel and they sent a reporter out to do story on ya!! But seems best and easiest way is to send a Press Release!! Hhmmm!! I don't really use my twitter account, but i've put it out on there tonight using the little @ at Signal Radio and The Sentinel!! xx I also gonna send an email to the contact i've been given and ask for her advise i think!!

To me it's all about raising the awareness of Breath of Life Charity, I don't just want a little paragraph, i'd really like them to do a proper story!! I mean i've got 19 people all lined up for 2nd July and another two for 31st July xx I still have people emailing me all the time saying they are interested so i'm thinking of trying to organise something else for a later date for them, with 5 weeks to go it's a little late to get involved and raise the money!!

So who have I got doing my skydive: Well there's:

Steve my husband, and Giles his wife has CF too! Then i've got two of my girls Nicola and Jodie who both have CF jumping also Jodie's sister, along with friends who i haven't spoke to since school/college days, Lynn, Charley and Rach and a few of Rach's friends Ash and Danni who is only 16 and then two of her friends Matt and Kev aswell.  Then we have 4 physio's from the hospital, Rosie who is the CF physio and then there's Helen, Sonya and Greg.  As well my lovely friends Mel from Monsoon and my best friend Steph who is a midwife.  Then Steve's Auntie Edie and cousin Neil will be to doing it on 31st July.

So i've got a great group of dedicated people who are trying there best to raise money for their sponsorship!! You can check them all out on my team page at BREATH OF LIFE TEAM PAGE!!!

What i now need to do is make sure people know about it!!

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