Tuesday, 7 June 2011

It's getting Exciting with the Potters Alf and Skydive just weeks away!!!

Well it's 3 and half weeks till the Skydive and today i've rang the Sentinel to talk about getting the Story in the paper!! A reporter is going to ring me back over next few days to do proper interview!! Just need to make sure he understands i don't just want a little tiny story, i want a big story. lol xx So we'll see what happens on that front!!

All my skydivers need to do a big push now to try and raise the money the 2nd July, if you'd like to sponsor any of them you can do via the SKYDIVE JUSTGIVING TEAM!!!

So on Sunday 12th is also the Potters Alf Marathon (13.5 miles) and i just wanted to say how proud i am of Steph Sutton and her friends and family who are going to be taking part dressing up as characters from the Wizard of Oz!! They had set a target of £800 to raise money and last night absolutely smashed it and are now way over the £1000 and still have 5 days to go!! They are doing absolutely brilliant and just want to wish them all lots of luck, Steph is 21 and has CF and this is going to be an amazing challenge!!! Sponsor Steph on http://www.justgiving.com/wizardofoz2011

Next i just wanted to advertise this article about Research funding for Cystic Fibrosis xx Please have a read.


The CF Trust have started a campaign on Justgiving and need everyone to take part!!

If everyone who reads this, passes it on, via there blogs, facebooks and twitters then they will reach there target of £6 million sooner than you think.  We all know how massively strong social networking can be at making a difference just look how many people sign petitions or join groups!! All this takes if for you to post it to your facebook and encourage everyone to just give a minimum of £2.

£2 is all they asking from each person who reads this and that's hardly anything!!

So click the page now http://www.justgiving.com/FundCF/?fb_ref=fundraising-page-top&fb_source=profile_oneline

Just from last night when i donated my £2 the money has doubled, so it works!!! xx

Anyway thats all from me today!!

Don't wanna distract you all from donating your £2 and passing on the website links!! xx

Love Me xxx

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