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London!! Thorpe Park & Madame Tussauds


London, the plan Thorpe Park and Madamn Tussauds for a early Birthday trip for me and my brother from our mum and dad!! My brother birthday is 15th June and mine the 25th, we had to go before our birthdays though as between work and me and my busy life it was the only time! Mum and Dad were paying for our hotel and train fare and with Andy working for Alton Towers his pass would get us into Thorpe Park and Madamn Tussards so it would just be food and any added extras we'd have to pay for! N we did buy a few of them, photos been the main ones, but i had my camera and took alot of photos too!!

So on the Thursday 9th I went to London, last minute the plans got changed and we ended up driving rather than taking the train, i insured my dad on my car, that's what i love about motability, you can ring up anytime, change the drivers and have someone fully insured! I normally prefer to drive, but at 7 in the morning its probably not the most safe for me! Although actually i was pretty awake, make up on and looking good for that time in the morning! Works well with my Dad he awake and alert at that time in morning so did the motorway driving and drove me and my brother to Thorpe Park, where we left the car for the day and mum and dad got tube into London to go do there own thing!!

Thorpe Park, well i'd watched the videos of the rides but they don't really tell the full story! The rides are so high up! it's not like Alton Towers where you can;t see the ride till your standing next to it because it's so big and all the gardens and trees etc! You can stand anywhere and more or less see every huge massive scary looking ride!! But me i'm a thrill seeker, i got excited by just having that sicky feeling in my stomach that means your nervous and don't know what's gonna happen!!

When you first walk in its like your abroad and walked into a water park, i'm thinking maybe in summer people do go in bikini's and swim to be honest and there are some rides that are just like Water World, and i presume you don't go on them in your clothes.  Although when i show you the video to Tidal Wave you'll wonder why people go on in their clothes!

We start off on what we thought would be a ride called Rush that would settle us in gently to the day! It's a good job i'd had my breakfast a few hours before!! It made u feel pretty dizzy!! But it was a very cool ride!

Then we decided to hit one of the Big ones, Colossus! 10 loop the loops! How bad could that be, really!
Well the initial loop the loops are fine, then as what i can only describe it as part of the ride that looks like "twirly pasta" 4 loops, when watching the ride, i said to my brother, i don't get why they are screaming at that bit, its kinda runnaway mine train style! how wrong i was! By loop 4 ur begging for loops to stop in ur head, then u got round corner, u can see the end of the ride and bang there's another loop! urgh!! but wow!! i was well buzzing after this ride!! xx

So next was Saw, the part of the ride you can see so is actually the tame bit! It's a brilliant ride! xx But if i say much more it gives it away, but it was brilliant!

After Saw we went on one of those silly little rides called Samurai that rag ur head round, make u dizzy and make u feel so sick, but then it was time for lunch so i felt a little better after my Burger King, although i do think its pretty damn pathetic that in Burger King inside a theme park i had to spend £5 to use my card! I bloody went there cuz i wanted a Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap and knew they were £1.99 but i had no cash!!

Next we went on Nemesis, this doesn't even compare to Alton Towers's Nemesis, Stealth on the other hand, is pretty much like Rita, 0-80 in a few seconds, but this one takes u up to 205 feet in them few seconds!! This was brilliant, i could of gone round and round over and over again!!

Then was Detonator and the wet rides, i do love wet rides, last time at Alton Towers i got soaked on the log flume, but loved it!! There was a log flume and river rapids but we didn't go on those, two new wet rides had way more appeal!

Detonator first though, as we realised on Tidal Wave we gonna get completely soaked so we needed to do that just before home time!

This was the ride i was most looking forward too!! Its was brilliant, 5,4,3,2,1 and u just drop!! It's strange cuz you'd think you'd leave ur stomach at top!

But it's clever, u actually feel good afterwards!! Probably just the adreneline! x Only bad thing is only people on corners get a good photo! Would of gone on again but water rides were awaiting!

First the New ride called Storm Surge!! Not quite as good as I thought, u don't really get that wet! But it's different and way better than the normal river rapids!! Your doomed if you got friends who didnt go on ride with you cuz there are water pistols for them to shoot water at you and thats how u really do get soaked on this ride!

There is no way to describe Tidal Wave, so just watch the video, this show's how mad it is and how wet u actually get!!

Completely and utterly soaked!!! 

Please don't look at my socks!! 

So we then had a 40 minute drive into centre of london to hotel, absolutely soaked! 

I stupidly hadn't packed shampoo, luckily the shower was nice and there was shampoo - no conditioner though! But luckily my hair didn't turn to straw and i actually scrubbed up well for dinner at Bella Pasta! Mum and Dad were at a show so it was just me n Andy for tea! 

After a brilliant day, it was bed time, i was absolutely nakered, and hadn't been well the few days before, i was so thankful Thorpe Park wasn't as big as Alton Towers and wasn't as hilly cuz i never would of made it round! 

Next day though off to Madamn Tussaud's so was up early!!

First we had to stop off a Abercrombe and Finch for my brother to do a little shopping, then me, mum, dad and Andy all went to Madame Tussaud's!!

Here's a few of pics of the celebs i think looked pretty damn good!! lol


Well there's just a few of the pics with a Celebs!! lol xx They really are pretty amazing!!

Me n Andy got these photos done, which look kinda cool!! 
U know i'm just little miss photo happy!! 
Took loads over these few days!!

 Had a wicked time though, thanks to my mummy n daddy paying for it for my birthday!
Thanks Mummy n Daddy and for Andy too!! Love ya all lots!!!

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