Monday, 27 June 2011

Feeling pretty rubbish, but so excited for Saturday!!

Well i'm probably going to be running round like a headless chicken this week, so i need to make the most of the rest day i have right night now!!

The photographer has just been to take my photo and i've just put so notes together for when the reporter rings me, i just hope i don't forget to tell her something.  I'm so excited about getting it all in the paper.  For last 3 or 4 months i've been stressing and nagging and more nagging all my skydivers to get them all signed up and fundraising for the big day and now its just 6 days away!!! eeekkk

I've been pretty ill the last few weeks, i did the usual and pushed myself too far, i had booked iv's in for 13th June for 10 days just to give me a boost, for after my weekend in London, pre my night out in Liverpool and pre my birthday weekend.

But the few days before my Iv's started, i think cuz London tired me out too, i actually spent the weekend looking forward to starting my Iv's.  On the monday morning, i felt horrible, my lung function reflecting that at a blew an all time low for me of FEV1 27%!! If i hadn't of felt so ill, i would of cried my eyes out.  But i stayed strong, for the whole week i felt horrible, but still determined to go Liverpool with the Monsoon Girls i spent the friday and saturday in bed resting and felt good enough to go!!! I couldn't of not to be fair, i was far too excited about dressing up as a Cave Girl for Jess and Sammie's Birthday.

We all met at Emma's house before, and in true style she did my drugs (lol) whilst i just carried on sipping my Vodka n Cherryade!! Hey u can't blame a girl, she's gotta live her life, IV's or not!!

So that way Sat night, we got minibus there and back and got home bout 3am, not too bad, but i was pretty drunk, so work the next day was so not fun!! But i do think the monsoon massive scrub up pretty well as Cave Girls xx

But remarkably i was still feeling better chest wise.  On the monday my lung function was up to 33% which is normally where i am when i'm bad to start with so i decided to be a good girl and for first time ever be on IV's for my birthday.

I had got a big weekend planned, but i decided to change my birthday BBQ from Friday 24th to Sat 2nd July which is my skydive day, n with my BBQ/Party being in aid of Breath of Life, i'm providing food but everyone needs to bring £2.50 for BOL it actually being on Skydive day is now perfect and i'm so excited for my big fundraising day..

My birthday weekend was already planned for a weekend in Chester for the lovely Katey Brand's Hen Do, i had to pull out of staying over because wed, thurs and friday my lungs decided to play up again, it become quite a struggle this time, n yes i have actually been resting, but i need to get doing my nebs again more!! My chest has gone quite tight and i definitely struggling more than before.  I still went to Chester though for the day, we were going to Chester races and having spent 3 years at Uni in Chester and not actually going to the Races i was pretty excited, obviously about dressing up though!! i'm not really a horse person n i don't understand betting!! lol!!!

Here's a few pics from the races with my 3 favourite girl from Uni, Ames, Nomie and Katey.  Me and Nomie actually didn't do too bad with our horses, once we worked out it was better to bet to place than win, n we put our money together!! We we a few times, once £8, then £5 and lastly £10!! Overall though we made a loss!! But i was just glad we won a few!! xx

 Me with Ames (left) and Nomie (right)!! Ames i have know since i was 11, we went high school, college and uni together and she is still one of my bestest friends in world.  N the lovely Nomie, i met at Uni and lived with, who i wish i could lots more of n love to bits!! N then below the beautiful Hen Katey in her wonderful hat, so excited for her wedding in few weeks time and love lots n lots n lots xxx

 Me n Nomie concentrating hard (lol) trying to pick our horses, n below our first win, we were a little excited!!

 Above, Nomes, n Ames with Laura one of Katey's Bridesmaid!! such a lovely girl, was lovely to meet her!!
N below, when Katey Brand bought me to tears because the whole restuarant of Chez Jules sang Happy Birthday too me!! N i had my lovely Bread n butter pudding (perfect choice) birthday cake!!! 
I really do love my girlies lots n lots and hope after i left at 10 to drive back to Stoke they had a fabulous night!

So now it's time to concentrate on my week ahead, i've been getting involved in another project but i'm gonna tell you about that later!!! 

Love you all lots and thanks for reading!! 

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