Thursday, 1 March 2012

The new routines!!

Well i've been home nearly a week and i'm slowly getting into my new routine with my treatment.  Now i have to have few extra tablets to take it's been easier to fill my new tablet case! Finally thanks to the Pharmacist at Wythenshawe i have one that is big enough to actually hold all my pills at night time as i take a lot!! No room for my creon but i can cope with that! Everything else fits in which is good.  So that's making life a little easier, takes about 15 mins to set it up for the week, but save me 5-10 mins a night.  I used to spend so much time each night sat delving into my drawer getting every bottle and box out the drawer n getting a pill or two out to swallow, now its a lot easier, i've tried them small ones u buy from the chemist but just not enough room for the amount of pills a CF needs.  Wish i'd of had one of these years ago would of made going to bed a lot easier, now i just swallow pills from the case and get some creon out, set my feed and inject my insulin, getting into bed is quite a bit quicker now.
Talking about insulin, i've got to do a full profile over a few weeks with a food diary and testing my sugars 1 and 2 hours post because my sugars seem to peak 1 hour post meals! They don't think i'm gonna need insulin with all my meals but most of them i will.  N i so gonna have to cut down on the sweeties, instead of eating the whole bag, just have a few!! Boo Hoo!! I'm not going back to see Dr Rowe until April so i'm gonna start the food and blood sugar diary next week.

This week been all about getting into a routine with my nebs, doing my atrovent n hypertonic saline in the mornings then pep and acapella together if needed to clear then doing my meropenim neb and then at night doing the meropenim neb again! That's the thing i'm having to get used to doing nebs at night time, but i guess i'll soon get used to it! Doing it thru my Eflow is lots faster so just have to keep telling myself it's gonna do me good and hopefully keep me off ivs, it's been a week now and i generally after week and half that#s when i've started to go downhill. So fingers crossed this time that all the hard work has paid off!
My appetite is really good at moment, sign i'm still doing well, in fact i tried on a size 8 jacket today n it was a little tight around the button, not good, normally monsoon alot of stuff in the 8's is too big for me! So i must be eating far too much!!

I'm also trying the whole not going bk up to bed with my cuppa n sitting there watching tv for another hour, at the moment getting up in morning isn't too bad! Going back to bed so isn't good for me as it makes me lazy so i need to get up!!

I also have a set of exercise pedals, i've used them once this week, watching eastenders, for 5 minutes, i think i might go take a photo of them and use them for 5 minutes tonight too, tire myself out before bed.  They take up alot less room than an actually bike and sitting on sofa to exercise way more appealing that an uncomfy seat! Although don't tell my physio i not been sitting on a proper chair with my back straight!! lol xx
I just want so much to look after myself, i feel really good with my lungs at the moment, i even walked from my the sunbed shop 0.4 miles up a gentle but steady hill to my friends house on tuesday then i walked bk to pick up my car from the car wash, she's all clean n sparkly now and getting her dent sorted next tuesday! So i'm slowly getting things organised with my life!

I've got my meeting tomorrow with the hospital at Stoke regarding my reasons to leave! i'm hoping all my reasons will come flooding back to me cuz my brain has gone blank tonight! lol.  But i'm never one to have nothing to say so i'm sure when i get in the room and start talking my gob will take over!

I've also decided i'm going to get in to using this twitter! #joeyhughes2009, follow me! i've never really used it, so i'm gonna try my best to get into it, it'll be good to spread the word of my blog and also to help with the CF Unit Campaign! So if u're gonna follow me, follow the campaign too! #CFunit_UHNS.

Hopefully i'll gain some more followers for my blog from my twitter account!! xxx

I have more to tell you, so stay tuned xx lol

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