Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fingers crossed i don't actually get ill again!!

The future was looking good, i was a week post iv's and i was still feeling good, i was starting to get into a routine and having the energy to go out with my friends on a night out was definitely a high point of the week!!  In fact last night i looked, in my own big headed opinion quite hot! It's a different story today though and it's not because i've over done it, i felt well on night out and it wasn't a big crazy one, just tipsy enough to have a good time!! lol

Ula (left) and Steph (right) we had such a laugh and a good night in Newcastle even though it was quiet!

Loving the fact i'm getting my tan back, need to get myself to sunbed over next few days for a top up! I love been brown n all tanned, it helps so much for when i'm ill, i've said before than CF is an invisible disease, sometimes i really wish people could see my lungs n how hard it is to breathe with them, but for me and my self-esteem i need to wake up n put my make up on and hide that tired n pale face and when i've got a tan that really helps to hide that, n it also means my dark hair doesn't wash me out too much.  I hate having pale skin!

Today however i feel like a bag of crap as i've caught a damn cold, my brother had one, n now me and my dad have started with it, so at least no one can tell me it's cuz i went out and over did it or it's cuz i didn't wrap up warm enough hey!! Cuz my Dad has it too, soo there!! lol xx Come on, you know you were thinking that! It's probably been in my system for a few days from my brother been poorly with it Thurs/Fri so me and dad woke up with it this morning! Sod's law! Just as i'm feeling so good!

It's one of those cold's that give u a tickly cough and you just know you're gonna have the worst night sleep because of it! Argh!! So now i got a big fight to get thru this without too much damage to the lungs and me because i really don't want to end up back at Manchester so soon after coming out! It's really frustrating right now, i know its not something my nebs and physio will help with in fact i'm really gonna struggle to tolerate my Meropenim nebs as it makes me cough normally.

Not even shopping cheered me up today, i went with Ula, yesterday we had lots of fun trying on dresses and outfits n buying lots from New look with my 25% off voucher! Today we took a few things back and exchanged them, but my cold was really starting to kick in, fussy head n blocked nose left me struggling to concentrate then as the evening has gone on the tickly cough has come with avengence, i know i'm gonna have a rubbish night sleep, so i'm plumping up the pillows and getting out the vix vapour rub!

So tomorrow i'm going to have a duvet on sofa day n catch up with my soaps and rest lots.  I just hope i can get through this, i don't want to have to get Cipro out the cupboard because that means i can't go on sunbed!! So come on body, over night, lets sleep, lets fight this beast of a cold n let feel better soon!! :)

Although my fight for next few days is a hell of alot smaller than my friend's right now! :( xxx
If  you are regular reader of my blog, you'll know all about my amazing friend Aaron Hall who has CF too, he's 20 in few weeks time and he's on the lung transplant list, he's like a brother too me, i care about him more than words can describe, this weekend he's had to have surgery for a blockage in his bowel, he couldn't tolerate all the meds he was given, was been sick alot and unfortunately the blockage just got worse n worse n he was in so much pain and dosed up on drugs he became really poorly, so as risky as it was with such delicate lungs, luckily the operation went well, but he is still in Critical Care recovering, so please send all ur love support and strength to my boy! He a tough cookie and will come through this ready to continue his fight for his shiny new lungs! Love you Azza Hall xxx Stay Strong xxx

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