Thursday, 15 March 2012

Don't look down!!! :)

I'll have my eyes closed, be screaming my head off and heart will be beating out my chest, but i'm so excited.  It's amazing that i've been signed off and told i'm aloud to jump out of plane.
I'll be doing a Tandem Skydive on Saturday 26th May at Langar Airfield, Notts and i just can't wait.  I arranged one last year and it was an amazing day! 17 people got sponsored and we raised £6,000! This year my mission is to try and get 30 people, so far about 19 people are signed up and we're getting more people interested all the time.  We've had so many people interested and sent out so many information packs its cost me a bomb in printer ink, but it's all worth it.  I love fundraising and i love little projects and organising.  This is when "Litttle Miss Joey" is at her best when she's doing what she loves.  The hardest thing is getting people organised, signed up and paid there deposit then its all down to them to raise their sponsorship.

I will be paying for the Skydive myself, that's one bonus of not having to pay bills and food shopping anymore, i can afford to pay for skydive myself.  After all its an amazing experience on offer to me because i'm raising money for charity.  This year i hope my team of skydivers will be able to raise around 10,000.   Thats my goal so if you do know anyone doing the skydive then please sponsor them, they really need your support.
I hope also to be able to pay for the DVD and Photos myself so i can have an amazing photo of myself like Giles Lund did last year! He is one of my friends husbands who has CF and he amazing raisied around £800 for the Skydive last year.

I can't believe that i'm going to be doing something so amazing, i've done paragliding before in Turkey and loved every minute of it, i'm not much for looking ar the sceney i like to do spins and fly around loads in the air.
I want to raise as much money as possible, i was able to raise about £700 for my husband last year so this year i would love to be able to match that for myself, but i can't do it without your help, so what i'm asking is if you could spare a little money towards my cause.

I'm raising money for a CF Unit @ UHNS, having just moved my care from their because i was so unhappy with the care i want to help improve things for my friends who still attend the CF Centre at the North Staffs, not everyone is able to move there care and get inprovements like i have done.  My friends are still cared for on a general respiratory ward, when the knowledge levels of CF is fully reliant of the specialist CF nurse.  I moved my care to Manchester where they have a 22 bed dedicated unit for the 350 patients and have nurses who know so much about CF and how to care for the patients that difference is incredible. What they really need at Stoke is a small unit of 6-12 beds with dedicated staff to help look after the patients and that's what i'm fighting for.

So if you can just spare £2 today, that's less than the cost of a Pint and Packet of Crisps xx 
 You can sponsor me in a few ways, by text or online with my justgiving page!!

Text to 70070

followed by 
£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Thank you for reading and hope you can help me!! I really appreciate it!!

All my love Joey xxxxx

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