Monday, 28 May 2012

The Best Thing I've Ever Done - The Skydive

I think i've gone on and on and on about it and if you're friends with me on Facebook you'll prob be relieved that i've finally done my Skydive and i will not be filling your news feed anymore with my Justgiving links (lol).

Lungs are you ready to jump! Yes they were, my two weeks IV's pre the Skydive turned out a top lung function of 1.2 litres FEV1 46%, the highest number i remember in years prob at least 10years, so my lungs seriously kicking some CF but at the moment, it's about time and perfect timing for our big day.  The thing i was most worried about was been able to breathe.  But i hoped with my lungs been in top condition i'd be ok.

All week i'd be so excited telling everyone i met i was doing a skydive on Saturday, even my lovely friend Sammie who now does my nails had a little Skydive challenge to do, i wanted Skydive nails, lol! N she did them fab, i loved them xx :) She so amazing at doing nails xx

The day started with a 6am alarm call and a very tired Joey crawling out of bed to sit on my little stool, putting my face on and straightening my hair, half asleep! No excitement, no stress just numb! I soon woke up and was ready for 7 to hit the road to Nottingham.  Langar Airfield is about 1hr 15 mins from my house and we had to be there by 8.30am to book in.  I was there at 8.25 and as i was organising it for 19 other people too, was soon into organisation mode, giving out T.Shirts etc, collecting sponsorship money and telling everyone where they had to go! So i was one of the last people of our group to book in with my mum and Ula.  The three of us wanted to dive together.

My next job was to set up my cake stall, i had to call my lovely grandma n grandad into the rescue to run it for me, they had made me 50 little cakes, so had Emma's mum, my mum and Pip.  We sold them for 50p a cake! We made £72 on little stall so thanks to everyone who made them and bought them.

I seem to be very lucky with the days i've picked last two years for skydive, beautiful sunshine and everyone had a lovely day sunbathing and chilling whilst waiting for there name to be called and was great for all the people who came to watch too, i told everyone this year to bring deck and camping chairs and blankets and suncream.

What a beautiful week it's been and i'm so glad sunshine lasted over weekend to make another perfect day for skydiving, the wind got a little bit choppy though and they said they might have to cancel late afternoon but luckily we were ok.

I love watching everyone jump and seeing them come down and land then have the biggest smile on there faces, no one can describe the feeling and me i can't describe it either, i just loved every minute of it once i was actually out the plane.  i'd spent the whole day organising running around and speaking to everyone the reality that i was actually doing it myself didn't really set in till i started to get changed.  

I had such a lovely instructor, i told him i had CF and i was little scared of not being able to breath when i jumped out, he was like thats fine, just stay calm and if u feel urself struggle just shout anything out! it will make ur breathing better.

Before we walked to the plane!! :)
I had paid for the video so i had a camera man with me, so getting on plane we had to keep pausing to give a big wave etc, then on the plane every now in then i'd have a camera in my face, now i know how everyone else around me feels, being camera queen i'm always shoving my camera in peoples faces, hee hee but hey who always has best piccies after a day out, me!!! :) So this guy had better be good, it maybe his day job but camera queen is my title. lol  I have watched my video its funny and you can watch it at the end of my blog!! :) Something to look forward to hey after my babbling xx lol
On the plane i start to brick it, reality set in that i was about to really jump out of a plane, my instructor kept running through little things with me, he'd say "what's the position for when we jump out" i'd cross my arms over my chest, and say i had to bend my knees out the plane to try n kick his bum! lol! Then when he taps me on shoulder i can move my arms to freefall position, and landing i had to put my hand under my knees and pull my legs up as high as i could! All sound like simple instructions but i swear no matter how many times they went through them with me, they'd go into my head and out two seconds later.

U can tell from my face on this photo, i'm scared, shitless now!! lol xx But still no questions in my mind, i was going to do it and although i was scared i was also so excited.

At 10,000 ft, we had to put the horrible hat on, really not a fashion accessory, the suit had already turned me into fat little joey! So the hat and delightful goggles i'm sure made my little face a little chunky! :) He ran through everything with me again an told me after singles jumpers we' be first out of the Tandems's! Argh!

In my own head i was like just listen to everything he says and nothing will go wrong, In front of me sat on the plane there were about 4 single divers and couple of camera men, when the doors opened, my instructor said to, right we're first out, lets show your mum and friend we're confident and ready to go! My heart was pounding, i took a few deep breaths n slowed my breathing down.  Within the space of about 5 seconds the 4 singles divers walked to the door and just fell out!

Then it was my turn, all that was going round in my head was "oh shit oh shit oh shit, i'm actually gonna jump out of this thing".  Next i was hanging out the door, i hoped to be able to turn, wave to mum n Ula and shout love you, but no chance of that, my instructor was sit on the edge of the plane, i was hanging and i mean just hanging between his legs, i tried to give a lil wave to camera man who was standing on the edge holding on to a rail, there wasn't even a 1,2,3 go! We just suddenly went!

Now at this point, me, yes me, is lost for words, there are no words to describe the feeling of freefalling, we were at around 13,000 ft, 2.5 miles i think he said! We freefalled for about 40 seconds, my mouth went so dry and i swear on video i'm like smacking my lips together!! ha ha!! :) I kept wanting to laugh but that impossible when ur cheeks a wobbling, i kept trying to pull my hamster cheek smile but i could close my mouth, ur don't really have much control whilst ur freefalling xx

The camera man was at first freefalling right below me, i kept trying to wave, but my arms were kinda flapping around, then the camera man disappeared, seems he was filming me from above, then suddenly he popped back in front me, then we opened the parachute, that prob the strangest bit, u can get yanked backwards, as we went up abit because the parachute opened, the camera man just dropped to like a dot in front of my eyes, i went to scream "Nnnnnnoooooooo!!!! See him just drop was scary, but i soon forgot about him, we were floating around and the views were amazing.  The camera apparently opens his parachute a few thousand feet below so as the parachute don't tangle!

Once we were gliding around my first thoughts were did my mum n Ula jump, i could see my mum, she was actually just below me, and then he twirled me round abit so i could see Ula, she was below me too, even though i jumped first, the weight meant they were below me, so i could see them spinning around and floating and then i watched them land safely all whilst i was still floating around.

He let me hold on to the controls and then we pulled down on one side and was spinning around to left, then pulled the other way and was spinning to the right!! It was ace, i think as i was actually able to scream them i let a few "wwwwooooohhhhhhooooooo's"!

Then it was time for landing, i lifted my legs as high as i could, i've realised for a tiny little one i'n really that flexible, or maybe it was my fat suit or short arms! But landing was fine, landed on my bum, straight away instructor tried get my helmet off, he said the camera man coming , then i scrambled to my feet, and was talking to camera, i told him i wanted get my nails on camera, that Sammie had done me and when we hit the ground he remembered, hee hee!! :) x I've loved my nails all week! They were ace! :)

Then he gathered up parachute and we walked accross the field, i was so excited, he actually asked me what i'd been most worried about, i said in true joey form "shitting myself" lol! Then i explained to poor guy i had been on ivs my bowels were like water and i'd taken 4 lots of diarrhea tablets, he laughed at me and said thank you for taking the tablets, but then told me people had actually wee'd on him before! lol xx

Then i got across to my dad i had some photos taken, i was so excited and happy, it's a feeling i didn't want to go away, Ula was absolutely buzzing, hugging Bones and thanking him, lol and chattering away to everyone n anyone.  lol.  Mum had to go get suit off cuz her harness was digging in her, she ha been up with the guy i call Banana Man, who actually remembered me from last year, which was nice, considering i didn't jump i just ran around taking photos of everyone! :) xx but he did jump with Steve last time, he was the one guy i didn't wanna go up with cuz he so tall u wouldn't even see me!! ha ha!

All in all it was a fabulous day, the weather was perfect, everyone was able to sunbathe and relax whilst waiting and watching everyone jump! It was a great bunch of people i got together and they put loads effort into fundraising and i've spent yesterday counting up the money so far that people have handed in!

Me my fundraising went absolutely amazing, i was so lucky to such generous friends and family, even people who don't really know me but are friends with me on Facebook.  My target started off like everyone else at £400, this a few weeks ago when i really kicked my fundraising into gear,  I paid for the full skydive myself and the camera man, so every penny i raise if going to the charity.  At the moment my total is sitting at £1182!! Would love to make it to £1200. xx

My justgiving site is still running and if you would like to sponsor me you can online or via text.  Simply Text Joey84 followed by £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 or by clicking the following link for my online justgiving page.  "Joey's Skydive Justgiving Page"

So here for the big finish of my skydive blog!! For you to all watch my video!!! Argh!!! xxxxxxxx
I've had to upload it to you tube so u can watch it!

Hope you enjoyed the video, if you couldn't view it, i will be putting link on my facebook!!

Thank you every one who sponsored me and supported me!! I love you all!! :)


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