Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blog Number 50!! Wow i ramble alot!! :) So here's some more!!

Blogging is definitely a huge way for me to release my feelings and stop me from bottling things up.  I do think a lot, i guess a life with CF you always have a lot to think about.

I'm been in agony with my left side, which is my good lung, since a week last friday now! I know it's most probably a pulled muscle caused by my silly car handbrake not holding and me trying to pull it on extra notch n then twisting funny to get it off! Luckily the car is been fixed today but me n my side still in a lot of pain.  I've been on got checked out, I drove to Manchester in the end last Thursday because a failed attempt to just get a Xray and a doctor to tell me my xray is fine and to just keep taking pain killers for a pulled muscle.  But no it's not that simple, i waited 2 hours for x ray in the new A&E department at UHNS then to be told there was a hazy patch where i was complaining i had pain that wasn't on previous x ray in 2011.  But he was only an A&E doctor and wanted a medical consultant to take a look, next thing they are wanting to swab me for MRSA, take bloods n admit me! I was like excuse me, if there is something wrong i'll go to manchester because i don't think any of them actually knew what to do with me!

I went Manchester, my xray was fine, in fact they said it looked slightly better than one i had when i was admitted in Feb.  Most prob a pulled muscle or could be tiny crack in rib, i'm still in a lot of pain, n it hurts so much to cough so they put me on Cipro n Septrin to protect my lungs getting infected and given me anti inflammatory's and pain relief. But least i got checked out properly by people i trust, i don't think i'll be going to A&E again anytime soon, just felt a bit daft driving all way to Manchester to be told its a pulled muscle.  Best to be safe than sorry though hey! As long as my left lung isn't joining my naughty right lung i don't mind.  I would however really like this pain to go away soon, please!!

Not that i'm letting the pain stop me, i've still been to work, i just had an hour off to go to Manchester and i went bowling, but i didn't bowl i just watched my friends, i've never really been one for bowling but when your sitting there watching because u can't actually bowl all i wanted to do was pick up a ball n bowl it down the isle.  I then went on night out Sat night with the lovely Ula, it was hard work, all i wanted to do was dance around like i did few weeks ago, i could dance a little whilst the pain killers were working but they wore off fast n it became very painful, yeah yeah i know, prob cuz i over did it, lol! It was the walk between pubs that then did me in! I always cough loads with change of atmosphere, so coughing loads, walking in cold and heels, n the pain in my side, midnight i was ready to go home.  We had gone to walkabout too, not one of my fave bars it was so rammed n not the place for a newly single person to be, looking round all i wanted was my husband! So it was time to go home.  

When i think about me n Steve i feel so sad, we were so happy and how it went so wrong.  I miss him loads because he's my best friend, we still text and talk but i miss his cuddles.  The thing i find the hardest to cope with is that he'd choose a life on his own in that house without me and lil soph rather than a life with us! I don't know how i'm ever supposed to deal with that, for me living on my own would be my worst nightmare, i'd be lonely which is why i'm glad i'm at home with my family and i've got my adorable pup who still cuddles me lots! :)

On a happier note i'm planning a little trip, to go and meet for the first time my amazing friend Sophie Gannon.  Sophie is my very best facebook friend with CF and we always wanted to meet up, last Aug Sophie had a lung transplant, but whilst waiting she made a list of all the things she wanted to do when she got her shiny new lungs, "Meet Joey" was on her list!! So now we're both in a good place i'm so excited to finally make the trip to go and see her.  For Christmas she bought me an amazing present and adopted me a Giraffe at a Zoo in London!! So i got two reasons to go to London to visit her now!! 

It's 30 days n counting till i plan to go, just gotta change a shift at work, then all system go!! yay!!! Did i say i was excited, lol well i am!! Think we both had a rough few months so meeting up will be just what we need to cheer us both up!! Soph's gonna make me some of her famous cup cakes, i hope!! hee hee and we're going the zoo, n out for tea, shopping (we both love shopping), night out n then i'm gonna watch her beloved chelsea with her at the pub on the sunday!! We gonna have a proper itintery by time this month is over cuz we both want to do like everything xx :) We both snap happy with our cameras so i'm sure there will be lots of photos!! xxxx

So think that me updating u all, i got to be good and behave with my money and not shop online like i did this morning! I had no car and had an email about 20% off voucher code so i've ordered myself a new handbag, skirt and jewellry was on buy one get one free so i've had 4 pairs of ear rings xx hee hee xx If anyone else wants to be naughty though, i'll share voucher code xx hee hee!! New Look Code.
Don't spend too much, but hey it's worth it when u getting discount, n have it shipped to ur local store, then no postage!! Bargain!!

U know i would love to be a personal shopper, girl came in Monsoon yesterday with her nan, i imagined her to be a bit younger than me, she was looking a the kids party dress's and i knew she was looking for her, i didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so i told her i buy stuff from kids section all the time, luckily i was wearing my skirt i bought last week from kids section, its my smallest item yet, the aged 10-12 was was to big, its a turquoise high wasted skirt with a pretty pattern on it, quite grown up but it looks so cute on me, been wearing it with lil white vest top last week cuz it was like summer, yesterday it was cold n wore my navy leggings with it and it still looked very cute! Anyway i thought i'd bought next size down, i just tried it on and it fitted and paid for it, when i got home i actually realised it was aged 6-8!! I consider this a triumph, lol i am not tiny, kids r just getting bigger these days!! lol!

My plan was to make this girl feel more comfortable, let her know she not alone with been little n buying out the kids section cuz i live in new look kids section clothes, but i also wanted to help her get out of trying the kidified dress her nan was holding up for her, but my plan went pair shaped, i don't know what happened, i insulted her, she didn't act like i had but i knew i had cuz straight away i knew if someone had said that too me, been tiny too i wouldn't of been to happy, i asked her "if she was going to a prom" she said no my prom was years ago, im going to my friends wedding!! eeekkk!! I then quickly changed subject to ask if she knew someone who could sew, cuz if she gets a jersey maxi dress they so easy to cut n turn up, i say that like i  do it myself, ha ha i don't i bring them home to my mummy, nan, auntie anyone who's free at time really, but mainly my mum!! Last night i landed my mum with 3 items for the sewing machine, will keep her busy for a bit and stop her falling sleep on sofa in evenings.  My new maxi dress for work which is so pretty i love it, a dress that i got for a 5er last year that needs straps adjusting and my abba dress that need pulling up on the shoulders.  I so excited about my Abba outfit for the CF fundraising night on  14th April, i have my outfit i got off ebay, i bought some white boots n last night i ordered some pink sparkly 70's ear rings, i was thinking bout a wig but i'd so have an itchy head so i'm giving the wig idea a miss!! u'll have to wait a few more weeks to see the pics!!

I'm hoping i can stay well for April, i have things going on and then going to see Soph at beginning of May, then after that i plan to have IV's it will be the longest i've gone without if i can make it and i'm really determined to look after myself, i have to have them in may before the skydive! So it'll be perfect timing to go in for a few days, so lungies if ur listening, that's my plan, don't u dare go n mess things up for me! I want to be well, so i guess i should do the nebs i been avoiding for last hour by writing this blog!!

Speak soon, :) xxx

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