Thursday, 10 November 2011

Midlands Today & The Sentinel Newspaper!

Well i waiting a few days for BBC Iplayer to have the video of the Campaign hitting the news, but no such luck, so i've done some dodgy filming using my phone on the tv!

The First Episode was aired on 5th November at 12.10am

The Second Episode was aired on 5th November at 5.45pm

I was so nervous watching, i have lots of niggly things that i would change about my interview but it went really well overall.  Was kind of exciting being on the TV even though i did kind of watch myself from behind a pillow.

The Campaign day went really well, i want to thank Chris for planning it all, he did a great job, as really all i did this time was turn up because I was in hospital!

Like i said in my last blog we started off on the radio and then we had a small pieceful protest on the A34 outside the hospital.  There was about 35 of us turned up and we had some banners and posters.

We had a really good day and it really made a the hospital realise that we are not going to go away, we will continue to fight for what we deserve!!

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  1. Yay joey and all involved! Loving the banners and the videos!! So proud :) xx