Sunday, 11 September 2011

Intraconazole finally started, IV's again but i'm doing good for a change i think!!

It's now 2 and half weeks since i started my Intraconazole! When I started my lung function was a crappy 32%, my orals finished a day later and my steroids down to the normal 10mg, so i had 2 weeks where it was only the intraconazole that i was on different.  My liver behaved and after the second week my dose was increased from 100mg once a day to 100mg twice a day.  I was quite chesty when i first started and a bit tired from coming home from my holiday and really not wanting to be back at work or even be in the UK, you could of put me on a one way plane back to Turkey and I would of been a very happy girl.  I started the intraconazole on the tuesday and had to work wed, thurs, sat, sun and monday.  Couple of days were over time, wed and thurs were a struggle and i really wasn't looking forward to three days in a row, but sat i went to work and it didn't seem to much of a struggle, neither did sun and mon to be honest.  I actually felt quite good at work, normally even when i'm well i struggle to do clear rail (which is putting on clothes that people have tried on back in the right place), i struggle cuz the weight of the clothes and the walking round the shop alot, i normally struggle with delivery too, but i felt good.  I had been doing my nebs in the morning, thats something now i think i have to give in too that it's something i need to do most mornings just to clear my lungs  from the night time filling up.  But i actually feel good.

After two weeks my lung function had increased by 3% to 35%, they say with intraconazole an increase of 5% is really really good so i was happy with my 3% so far.  I'm now on IV's though so its gonna be difficult to work out what's doing what, i'm on iv's before my holiday to Cyprus on 24th Sept.  I would never go on holiday without a course of IV's first and its really tough having them when i don't really need them but hey ho be worth it for my holiday.  I'm on Tazocin IV not had for a while, now nearly had a week and i'm nearly on 3 weeks for my Intraconazole, i'm in clinic tomorrow which is monday so we'll see how doing.

When i last had intraconazole i noticed my morning coughing fit calm down and on some mornings not even happen, i'm now on day 3 of no morning coughing fit as i walk down the stairs, normally i make it down the stairs fill the kettle and while the kettle is boiling have a huge coughing fit.  I hope this is the intraconazole but its difficult with the IV's too, not had Tazocin for about 3 years, and i'm so remembering the reason's why i dodged it, bowels well they are mega dodgy, silly me went n had a curry last night so it's not gonna be good later on today, hee hee!! N the taste in me mouth, u just can't shake it, horrible.  So can't wait for these two weeks to end, i really hope with the IV's n Intraconazole before Cyprus i can hit 40% lung function again, it would be ace to prove to Dr Lim that it really is helping.  i'm keeping a little diary for him this time to prove things.  He only said initially i can have it for 4-6 weeks.  So fingers crossed.

Anyway really should get my ass moving, we moving my nan today to her new flat.  Need to find lots of energy for this afternoon, yesterday was brill, i'm so designing her new flat and before i went to work we went to all the home shops, next, bhs, argos, and a furniture shop.  We bought so much stuff, new wardrobes, sofa, table n chairs, dinner set, cushions, bedding, towels, my dream job!! Grandma do u like this, ooo yes i'll have that!! Her bathroom has a pink theme, bedroom turquoise and lime green and living room red with poppy dinner set.  So cute.  I love all stuff we picked!! Was ace picking it all out and not paying.  Dad must of gone to checkout bout 4 times in bhs cuz we kept filling trolley's.  So today i get to start making the place pretty!!

So excited for my nan moving, she going to be so much happier, this new build flats is an extra care center and now she 93 she needs bit more help.  It's so modern though, i would live there myself.  I'll get photos!!

Sophie is doing really well and i'm so proud of her everyday, yesterday with lots of help she did a little walking!! She's such a brave little star.

Right i'm off to pack n unpack!!

Speak soon!

Love me xxx

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