Friday, 26 August 2011

A Fantastic Holiday, some amazing news, a little sadness and then its back to reality!!!

So off i went to Turkey on my perfect holiday with my husband and friends.  We were met at the airport by Lionel, who is Steve's parents friend who over last three years have become a huge part of our holiday to Turkey.  We spent out first three days staying with Lionel and his now Wife Alberta.  Steve and I love every minute with them, they are so special to us and mean the world that each year they let us stay with them.  Lionel does a mean roast dinner and a fantastic breakfast.  Which reminds me i need to go by an egg poacher pan! Never had poached eggs in my life but wow i'm hooked, boiling or scrambling just don't come close.  I just hope i can make them like Lionel makes them.  Lionel and Alberta have the life i dream about, they built an amazing house, they just need to fill there pool, i'm so moving in! They lived in Turkey for last 6 years and still love it so much.  

We then moved down to Hizaronu, to the Monte Verda Villas which is the same place we stayed last year! Sarah n my first priority were Lilo's and the pool, so i can get cracking on my tan!  We had a wicked holiday, we have some really good friends out their, Beany (Ata), Bora and Erdam are such wicked people and we have such a laugh with them.

Me i had a very chilled and relaxing 7 days, life to me was just bliss floating around on my lilo without a care in the world, but i also had a massage, pedicure, hair treatment, eye lash extentions and then i had my hair coloured at my favourite salon ever Booty! I've been going for last 4 years for proper pamper session and this year was no different!

My lungs well at first they were misbehaving a little, then i got one step ahead of them, it seemed that between 1.30 and 2ish each day my lungs would go all bubbly, so i started doing my nebs n aqapella each day around that time, it was kinda a perfect timing cuz was the hottest point of the day, so i'd spend an hour chilling doing nebs n physio and a suduko! Wow i wish life was like this in the UK.

Now we're home, its just back to same old shit, my chest is been a little bit naughty, but i've started Intraconazole now, hope it works.  I'm just on 100mg a day for a week and if my liver still ok then i will increase the dose.  I've had to do my nebs everyday, today actually twice cuz seems like there is alot of crap down there.  But i'm plodding along, this bank holiday weekend i'll be working, i don't normally work weekends but i'm covering shifts, all good fun! So its so early night tonight.

So when i say i got some amazing news it was the my beautiful friend Sophie Gannon got some new lungs last Saturday, those of you who know her know she deteriorated very fast but was moved to Harefield who have kept her stable and finally 3 weeks later she got some new lungs.  She's doing amazingly well and i'm so proud of her strength.  It was so amazing to finally get the text from Pam, although i was sitting in the Booty Salon having my hair dyed surrounded by Turkish and Steve n Sarah weren't there.  By time Steve came to pick me up i nearly burst with excitement and nervousness.  Weird thing was i had woke that morning and said to them both that i had a got a feeling Sophie was getting Lungs today.  We were two hours ahead in Turkey so must of been a sixth sense, very weird but made my day.  I got a text from Pam on the way to airport telling me she had made it through the op and was stable.  So everything was all good.

I've never met soph, but a few years a go i started talking to two amazing girls on Facebook, Soph and Anna.  Anna unfortunately after a very tough 18 months passed away, and i miss her so much, one day whilst she was in hospital we were all chatting on Facebook saying we were the 3 musketeers, whilst i was at work, Anna had found a new toy to play with and i came home to her deciding we were 3 mermaids instead, cuz they have amazing lungs to be able to swim underwater.

I still get so upset that Anna, i miss out little chats online, she had such a querky way with words and was such a wonderful person didn't get a second chance, but i know she'll be so pleased that Soph got hers.  When Soph was poorly before she started to write a to do list and on it is meet up with me, i feel so privileged and excited and can't wait for the day we get to meet.

Tomorrow is another sad day though, tomorrow is 4 years since my beautiful best friend Natalie Buckley was taken from us by CF.  It really can be such a bitch sometimes, taking such good people!! Went to charity fundraiser last night in memory of Nat and tomorrow some of her family are doing Skydive on her anniversary.  Miss you Nat, everyday, not just tomorrow!! Love you xxx

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