Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So now i'll show what it's like here at Wythenshawe CF Unit?

So i've blogged loads about my treatment and how that's improved with my move, but i've not told you or showed u what it's like here!

So my Room! I like it, its cute and cosy!! There is a wardrobe at the end of the bed! Which when you open it has a rail and shelves, n full length mirror! Then there is a fridge, sink and

Each room is like it's own little flat, reminds me of my university room at Chester.  With the good sized wardrobes and cupboards to put all my other stuff in.  Then there little desk and chair, and a comfy chair for my visiters, or for me when my bum get numb from being sat on a bed! Yes i'm weird i know! The beds are electric, and have an extra matress on them, they are comfy.  There are two fridges, one for food and one for medical.  The nurses have there own area in your room with a trolley full of supplies, there a cupboard on the wall for all your medication, you can self medicate, but i chose not too, if i'm in here i like to be looked after and have a break. 

Everytime you use a nebuliser the nurses or the physio was it out for you, and the health cares set feed up for me everynight! It's really nice to feel looked after and that people have time to help you, especially when i first came in and was poorly and going to the loo was hard work, its good to have people who do the little things for you.

The ensuites are small, but i think for what i need, a loo and a shower the size is fine. it's not like us CF patients get fat or anything we don't need that much room.  lol.
Most the time you don't feel like your in hospital when you just sat in your room, in the day though its like Crewe Station busy busy busy.  About 9am your door starts to go, every 10-15 mins some morning i swear people knock, but i've learn't to lie facing the opposite way n pretend to be asleep even if i'm not.  i tend to wake up bout 10.15, i haven't been ordering breakfast, but u'll be jealous to find out what's actually on the menu! So i'll tell you.  There are 3 Chef's here that work shifts, they cook everything fresh and just how you want it.  The menu is different for starters and main course each day and the menu's run on a 3 week cycle so more patients in for 2 week course don't have to choose same things twice or three times.  At stoke i would pick chicken, mash peas and gravy everyday and i would get so sick of it, but it was the only edible thing on the menu. 

On the Menu for Breakfast each day you can choose from:

Cereals: Corn Flakes, Frosties, Rice Krispies, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Bran Flakes.
or: Porridge, White or Brown Toast, Roll, Crossaints or Danish Pastry,
Cooked Breakfast: Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Tomato, Black Pudding, Hash Brown.

Then an Example of Main Meals which you can choose for lunch or dinner or have something different for each and they are different each day.

Starters: Sweetcorn Chowder Soup with Bread Roll, Spring Rolls with Soya Sauce or Garlic Mushrooms in a Creamy Sauce.

Main Course: Breaded Chicken Strips, Lamb Tikka Masala, Pork and Apple Casserole, Jumbo Fish Fingers with eiher Roast Potatos, Chips, Cabbage, Baked Beans, Mixed Salad.

Puddings: Lemon Meringue, Rice Pudding, Cheese & Biscuits, Ice Cream, Jelly or Fresh Fruit Salad.

Then there are a range of Snacks that are available Snacks or Small Meals to choose from for Dinner and Tea if you wish:

Toasted Sandwiches: Ham & Cheese, Cheese & Onion, Cheese & Tomato or Other
Sandwiches: Baguettes, Siced Bread or Roll with: Cheese, Ham, Beef, Egg, Chicken Tikka, Tuna, Prawn or Bacon.

Jacket Potatos with either: Cheese, Beans or Tuna Mayo.

Or Sausage Sandwich, Bacon Sandwich, Beans on Toast, Cheese on Toast, Toast or Chicken Goujons with Mayo Dip.

Now that's what i call a menu, the food is really good, not had a meal i've not liked yet and i've been here two weeks now.  I've had lovely Cottage Pies, Braised Steak, Lamb hotpot, Battered Cod, Risotto.  I've had to ask for small portions when i first came in because it was too much for me to cope with, you can ring the chef at anytime and we also have a phone in our room that people can ring us on.

I'm not normally one for taking photos of food, but took a few photos of my meals just to show how they look nothing like hospital food.

At 8pm every night comes a snack trolley, with freshly made cakes, jelly, yogurts, cheese & biscuits, sandwiches, chocolate, sweets, crisps and it's all free.  Pretty amazing really.

So that's a general room and the food talked about!! Speaking of food my bacon n tomato toastie just arrived for lunch, yum yum! so i'm off to eat! Next blog be back to me!! :) hee hee!!!

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