Friday, 29 July 2011

Oh what a Week! Bronchoscopy, Chest Pain, IV's and One Eye!


Well i promised i'd update you all after my Bronchoscopy, which was a week last Wednesday the 20th July.  It didn't quite go according to plan! I had asked for my own consultant to do it for me! Seemed daft for me to have a bronc done by another doctor when he did them too! I was a little annoyed at first, i went up early so my CF Nurse could needle my port so i wouldn't need a canula!  After having it needled so they could give the sedation through it, my consultant said he didn't want to use my port he wanted a canula! So i showed him my best vein, i didn't really want the poor little nurse to have a go, i have rubbish veins, n would need a kids canula not an adult one on my tiny little veins! Luckily for the nurse my consultant said he would do it! Ha ha! He missed, thought he was in but he wasn't! I wanted to laugh and say see i told you i had rubbish veins, but least now he knows himself and won't try again on me!!

So they were using my port, n wheeled me into the room, i had been quite calm till then, but then when they walk round with camera they about shove down ya throat its bound to make anyone a little agitated.  My CF nurse and physio were in the room with me, i had told physio i wanted her to take notes so after she describe my lungs to me!

First they put some horrible throat local aesthetic spray to back of my throat, from that moment on i started coughing, i'd had trouble with this is gastro before, coughing a lot, but then the sedation kicked in and i swallowed tube n don't remember anything else! So i was hoping for the same! He then put some horrible stuff up my nose to clear it out for the camera! i was quite happy he was going through my nose, i used to pass NG tube so even though this one a little bigger i wasn't phased! I coughed some more with nose stuff, then came the camera, he hardly gave me any sedation to be honest, so as soon as he camera hit back of my throat i coughed n coughed n choked a little! They got into my upper airways i think but i couldn't stop coughing n sputum was coming up thick n fast! So they decided to stop, i think i had a little nap! The physio then wanted to give me some physio and i kinda remember that! Sedation always makes me a little loopy, that bit after i do remember!

Afterwards all i wanted was to see Steve and go home, curl up in bed and watch Lost! I was allowed to eat and Steve got me a McDonald's on way home, so i was quite happy to get home.  I didn't do much for rest of day, felt weird and not quite myself but that's just sedation! I didn't really feel myself till next day to be honest! Think i was more traumatised, i remember what i went through at the time was horrible but luckily with sedation you don't remember it!

I'm not sure if they will try again, i'm going to see physio next week to try get lots of different samples sent off to see if we can see what's going on that way! I'm disappointed it didn't work though as i really wanted them to see what's going on my right lung, where i have a bad patch n all my bleeds from, also wanted samples from deep down to see if i had candida hibernating as i seem to be riddled with it everywhere else! Also they were going to put some DNase directly in the lung and thin my thick horrible mucus out!


Following the Bronc, last friday at 5am i woke with Stabbing pains in my back upper left side, not normally a problem area for me really.  I cope quite well with pain normally, but this made me cry! So at 9 i rang work and rang in sick (which i haven't done for over about a yr so yes it was really bad) then rang the hospital and arranged to be seen at 12.  I had to get my grandparents drive me up, cuz i just couldn't drive! It's not like me to not want drive.  I felt bad asking them because my grandad's twin is in hospital quite poorly at the moment so they have enough going on, but they knew i wouldn't of rang unless i needed them.
I saw my consultant and he said it was prob infection and to bring my IV's forward a week, they were planned for 28th so i could have 2 weeks before my holiday.  So i had my port needled and sorted out my home IV's, regular paracetamol has helped me though, the pain was loads better by saturday night. Saturday was quite a frustrating day!


Sat night i was supposed to be going to Yasmin from work's 18th, it was just a party at her house so i decided to drive round for a few hours, i gave Sammie a lift! This is when it get a little silly, pulled up at the house and my coat was in my boot, underneath Steve's case full of kitchen door samples! i still had my car key in my hand and yanked at the coat a few times, when it came free though, my arm i had no control of and the key in my hand stabbed me in the eye! Sammie i would like to add at this point was laughing her little head off! I moved my hand away from my eye and asked her if it was bleeding, she said no! My eye was throbbing, my contact lens was in pieces in my hand and i could tell there was part of it still in my eye! I We went in the party and i decided i'd just wait till my eye stopped hurting so much to before going to try get bit of lens out! The girls said my eye was a bit blood shot in corner but it didn't look serious! So i just sat with the pain, the girls were a good distraction! When i got home, my eye was still throbbing, i would actually say it hurts more then than when i did it! I tried waking Steve to have a look at it, he managed to laugh his head off still half asleep at what i had done but then continued to snore!

So with my eye still hurting n a piece of lens still in, i decided to go sleep and in morning see what it was like, it still bad, i'd go Tesco and see optician! Sunday morning i woke up and my eye was glued together! Steve was in Wales on a bike ride, so i rang my parents, this was at bout 9.20, but they were nearly in Chester! I waited till 10 and rang Tesco, "Sorry, no optician works on Sunday, we advise you to go to A&E or Walk in Centre! So i rang the out of hours doctor number! They said that even if i saw a doctor that they would need send me to A&E anyway because they don't have lamps to look properly in my eye!

So off to A&E, I went! Waited 2 hours to see a consultant for bout 10 mins, who took the lens out, poured orange dye all down my face, instead of just a little drop in my eye, who gave me some chloraphenicol ointment to use twice a day for couple of days and told me my contact lens had prob saved me eye cuz there were no cuts/scratches! The orange dye all down my face though made it look like in them 10 mins i'd go into a big fight! Had go toilet, clean my face up before I could leave! Only good thing bout been in A&E was the Grand Prix been on TV and Lewis winning, it was quite hard not shouting at the TV though

Get the ointment in my eye was quite difficult, it's like vascoline, i used it for 2 days, but Thursday my eye was still hurting just as much and i woke up with it glued together! I was going to Newcastle so i nipped in Boots opticians, who told me they prob would have to send me to A&E again if they saw me, n couldn't see me till Friday, so I decided go back to A&E, i wasn't going to pay to be seen 24hrs later when A&E is free!

I was in and out of A&E in 35 mins, amazing, if you need A&E seems Thurs afternoon about 3.45 is the time to go! I saw a nurse and she was brilliant, put a little drop of orange dye in my eye instead of pouring it down my face and she taught me how to use the ointment better! N apparently i did damage my eye, i have a cut in lower eye lid about 6/7mm long! She sent me to the eye clinic today to get a specialist to look, they say it gonna take a few weeks to heal but luckily i don't need a stitch! That idea freaked me out a bit, but least now i feel better that my eye will be ok and seen specialist so I'm a lot happier and i understand the why I'm still in pain!

It's horrible not wearing my contacts though, not sure I'll get used to it, first few days i felt sick n dizzy wearing my glasses but think it's cuz so used to have full vision wherever i look! It's strange getting used to glasses again! but I'm slowly used to wearing them now, but i just don't like wearing them at all!


Hmmm prob not would be answer, my lung function on Thursday was 32, i didn't do it when i started IVs because of pain, i have a lot of crap to clear n really need to use my Neb's, life this week I'm not sure whether I've stopped much, between all the hospital appointments and work and campaigning, meetings and organising decorations for my friends hen party for Saturday it's kinda been a little mental!

Next Tue, I'm back at the hospital to try get the samples and my physio found out that there is an attachment you can get that allows you to use nebulizer with acapella together! For me this would be excellent, i don't use my acapella like i should because of time, so i only use it if i feel there still stuff to clear after my Neb's cuz to be fair the hypertonic saline works pretty good with me getting rid of the crap! So using the two together will hopefully work well for me! I'm hopeful anyway! So Tue should be interesting!


Well i hope my bad luck is over, when i was in Morrison's today buying a sandwich, i suddenly felt lucky, i was about to put my card in, then i asked her for a scratchcard, don't normally buy them. She went to scan it and the till froze, 10 mins later i still hadn't paid, so had to go to another till, i still haven't scratched it off because i didn't feel lucky after jamming the till!! So i'm saving it for a more lucky moment!! I should be due some luck after the week or two i've had! I've had enough now, i would just like my IV's to make me well so i can buggar off to Turkey for 10 days with Steve, Sarah and Joe, have a good holiday and forget about my life with CF for a little while!!

This weekend if Gem's Hen Do so saturday should be good and sunday i'm working, i need overtime shift to make up for the day i rang in sick! So i guess i should go to bed now!!

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